Quality Control

Quality Control System

    Quality is first priority at ABI what is the life of development power of our enterprise. All the projects are tested by a series imported test machines included CMM, Hardness, Projector and other necessary tester. There will be a test report each time for us to control the quality and show our customer. We will have a Mold Flow Analysis for the complex part before the mold design to guide us find a better design way to avoid the potential faults.
We are follow the ISO certification guidelines and have a very strictly control of the tooling standards. CPK & PPM are available in our production if necessary. Customer ‘s quality satisfaction and success is our goal of all our QC team members . All the molds and final production are strictly based on  the dimension tolerance and surface appearance criteria.

 We have 5 QC leading by QC supervisor .Our Main QC room is climate controlled to ensure of a constant testing environment. We have 2D and 3D measurement machines, hardness tester and all other necessary equipment to use against the relative reporting required. All equipment is regularly calibrated and to ensure the accuracy of reporting.

Incoming quality Control:
  All materials are inspected upon receipt, to ensure that they meet the requirements of the standards and project. Steel and plastic certificates are also available on request.
Process Quality Control:
  All components are checked at each stage of the manufacturing process before being progressed through to the next step. Self-inspection by all respectable staff is undertaken, along with them being periodically trained and re-trained, up-skill their ways for measuring, managing and reporting against each item required.
Outgoing Quality:
   A FULL quality inspection is necessary using key points and indicators against each part . This is to ensure that no steps have been overlooked and make sure that the cargo will leave with quality assurance.



   We have very strictly tracking system and records for our material and production , it is very important for our business development , customer satisfaction and accident investigation tracking .we are trying our best to reduce your business risk at zero level.

Resin: we only buy it from official channel with PO, COA, UL, SGS, MSDS, official lot #, Shipping # and  some others which we want, if the customer specify the material. It can make sure that each step is in controlling and can be tracked. 

Production: we use PO number, date code at mold, batch #, shift and exactly timing IPQC and QA inspection records for our process and manufacturing. All this records will be kept in our company for 2 years for traceability if necessary.

Mold:  we only purchase the tooling steel from authorized supplier and ask for material certification and original manufacturer document and keep them as records. Each our machining process, we have electronic format documents and keep them at computer.

   The tooling of the full drawings will be kept in our company for 3 years after the tooling is shipped to customer ; if the tooling stay in our company for production , we will keep the tooling all the time until the production is shutdown .







Asia Billion Injection Tooling Quality Control                      

Asia Billion plastic injection molding quality control