Tight Tolerance Plastic Injection Moulding

Tight Tolerance Plastic Injection Moulding

Tight Tolerance plastic Injection Moulding Company for you , they are made by PBT engineering resin plastic molding solution. They are very precision with tolerance 0.02 mm for medical device plastic connector. These production are for Europe customer. Asia Billion made this mold in our own tool shop and running the precision plastic products , This items need 1000K pcs per year .

Product Details


        Precision Injection Molding,Tight Tolerance plastic Injection Moulding Company for you , they are made by engineering PBT resin. They are very precision with tolerance 0.02mm for medical device plastic connector. These production are for Europe customer.  Asia Billion made this mold in our own toolshop and running the precision plastic products.


Production details:  


Precision Plastic moulding

Core surface finish:


Production Material:

engineering PBT

Cavity surface finish:


No of Cavities:

1x 4

Injection System

Cold Runner

Core Material:

Viking steel

Type of gating:

Sub gate

Cavity Material:

Viking steel

Ejection system:

Ejector stripper plate

Slider material:


Lead time for T1

45 days

Mold base steel:


Shot life:

500 000

Place of Origin



Vacuum plastic containers


Product Characters

1. Tight Tolerance plastic Injection Moulding

2. Tight tolerance injection tooling with mould tolerance 0.005 mm

3. middle volume medical injection molding production

4. Engineering and technical moulding parts

Asia Billion main advantages:

1) Lower Price and better quality control  to save your cost for better marketing competition

2) Good customer service with quicker response

3) Early Project mechanical researching involved capacity for new production development

4) shorter Lead time  stronger engineering team for mold design , mold simulation and quality assurance( DFM , full mold drawings, Mold flow simulation report can be provided )

5) all the requirements of certifications can be provided

6) Good knowledges for resin, steel and mechanical production design , we can help you optimize your project

7) High educated management team with long time working experience with oversea companies and all can speaking English

8) High precision injection mold and over mold is our big advantages than others ( Min tolerance for production can be +/-0.02mm, mold tolerance can be 0.005mm)

9) Good experience and understanding for SPI class 101 to 105 medical injection mold making classification

10) Small to middle size manufacturing and only service for high quality customer, we are easier to working with customer and smart enough.

11) we are fasting growing and smart or flexible enough for different demanding or some emergency conditions.

12) Good supply chain experience with Medical device , automotive , electronic or others industry OEM companies.


ABIL Moulding Products Manufacturing Process:

ABIL Plastic Injection Molding Manufacturing Process

ABIL Injection Moulding Plant Overview:

ABIL Plastic Injection Molding Plant Overview

ABIL Production Quality Control and Certifications:


ABIL Production Quality Control and Certifications

Packing and Logistics:

Packing and Logistics


Injection moulding design keypoints (9 to 15)

Nine:  metal or insert inserts


1. Inserting inserts into the injection molding product can increase local strength, hardness, dimensional accuracy and set small threaded holes (shafts) to meet various special needs. At the same time, it will increase product costs.


2, the insert is generally copper, but also other metal or plastic parts.


3, the part of the insert embedded in the plastic should be designed to prevent rotation and pull out structure. Such as: knurling, holes, bending, flattening, shoulders and so on.


4, the plastic around the insert should be properly thickened to prevent stress cracking of the plastic parts.


5, when designing the insert, should fully consider its positioning in the mold (hole, pin, magnetic)


X:  Logo


   The product identification is generally set on the flat surface of the product, and the convex form is adopted. The selection of the normal direction and the surface of the mold opening direction may be set to mark, which can avoid the strain.


XI: precision of injection molded parts


   Due to the non-uniformity and uncertainty of shrinkage during injection molding, the precision of injection molded parts is significantly lower than that of metal parts. The dimensional tolerances of mechanical parts cannot be simply applied. The appropriate tolerance requirements should be selected according to the standard. China also released GB/ in 1993. T14486-93 "Dimensional Tolerance of Molded Plastic Parts for Engineering Plastics", the designer can determine the dimensional tolerance of the part according to the requirements of the standard according to the plastic raw materials and parts used. At the same time, according to the comprehensive strength of the factory, the design accuracy of the products of the peers to determine the appropriate design tolerance accuracy.


Twelve: deformation of injection molded parts


  Improve the rigidity of the injection molded product structure and reduce deformation. Try to avoid the flat structure and set the flange and the concave and convex structure reasonably. Set reasonable reinforcement bars.

Thirteen, the Click


 1). The click is designed to be shared by a plurality of buckles at the same time, so that the whole device can not be operated due to the damage of the individual buckles, thereby increasing the service life thereof, and then multi-test filtering and rounding to increase the strength.


2). The tolerance of the relevant dimensions of the buckle is very strict. If the position of the buckle is too much, the buckle will be damaged. On the contrary, if the position of the buckle is too small, the assembly position is difficult to control or the combination part is too loose. The solution is to reserve a way to change the mold and easily add glue.


Fourteen. Welding (hot plate welding, ultrasonic welding, vibration welding)


1), Welding can improve the joint strength.


2), using welding, can simplify product design.


Fifteen, reasonable consideration of the contradiction between process and product performance


1 The contradiction between product appearance, performance and process must be considered when designing injection molded products. Sometimes some of the craftsmanship is sacrificed, and a good appearance or performance can be obtained.


2 When the structural design cannot avoid injection defects, let the defects occur as much as possible in the hidden parts of the product.


Sixteen, the relationship between the screw column aperture and the diameter of the self-tapping screw


Self-tapping screw size  screw hole 
M21.7 mm
M2.52.0 mm
M3.02.5 mm
M4.03.0 mm

Viking muold steel introduction

  Viking mold steel come from ASSAB in Europe. it is used for precision and high quality production.VIKING mold steel adopts electroslag + six-face forging steelmaking process to ensure the purity of VIKING die steel is higher and the organization is even and meticulous. Combined with high-pressure vacuum furnace heat treatment + ultra-deep cold treatment, the VIKING pre-hard material with both toughness and rigidity is obtained. The hardness is higher HRC52-54°, and the die life is 13%. Developed mold steel for 13 major connector factories worldwide.

  The hazards of ordinary die steel made of pre-hardened punches are:

   The main performance is that the pre-hard punching die steel has many harmful impurities, rigid and no toughness, and has no toughness and rigidity; it cannot have both toughness and rigidity. The toughness of the prepared die punching needle is not enough, the punching pin is easy to break; the punching pin has poor rigidity, and the punching pin cannot be returned after the bumping. Especially when producing connector molds, the needles are often broken; the size of the needles will change after a period of production.

  VIKING pre-hardened materials, toughness is so good how to toss constantly!

  VIKING die steel adopts electroslag + six-face forging steelmaking process to ensure the purity of VIKING die steel is higher and the organization is even and meticulous. VIKING pre-hardened punching material will be combined with high-pressure vacuum furnace heat treatment + 4 times high temperature tempering + super deep cryogenic treatment to give full play to the toughness and rigidity of VIKING die steel.

VIKING die steel properties

VIKING die steel is an oil-cooled, air-cooled hardened die steel. Has the following characteristics:

1. Good heat treatment dimensional stability;

2. Good mechanical processing and wear resistance;

3. Combines very good toughness and wear resistance;

4. Common hardness range is HRC52-54;

VIKING mold steel main use: especially for connector precision plastic molding mold.

VIKING pre-hard punching material delivery standard 

VIKING pre-hard punching material delivery hardness: HRC52-54°

VIKING pre-hard punching material delivery standard: six-face grinding + vacuum heat treatment + super deep cooling

  Asia Billion are using Viking mould steel for all our precision plastic connector and tight tolerance plastic injection moulding project which have small precision inserts. If you need to know more or have any similar project, please contact us directly.

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