pps plastic injection moulding

pps plastic injection moulding

PPS plastic injection moulding items for our Japan customer. The material is PPS from Japan resin manufacture and Asia Billion import the PPS plastic resin from Japan directly for mass production. for now this project us is running in Asia Billion injection moulding plant.

Product Details

    PPS plastic injection moulding items for our Japan customer. The material is PPS from Japan resin manufacture and Asia Billion import the PPS plastic resin from Japan directly for mass production. for now this project us is running in Asia Billion injection moulding plant. 

Mold details:  


pps plastic injection moulding

Core surface finish:

EDM finishing

Production Material:


Cavity surface finish:

EDM finishing

No of Cavities:


Injection System

Hor Runner

Core Material:

Daido DHA1 with heat treated

Type of gating:

pin point gate

Cavity Material:

Daido DHA1 with heat treated

Ejection system:

Ejection pin

Slider material:


Lead time for T1

40 days

Mold base steel:


Shot life:

1 000 000

Mould Price: 

CNY 50 000


Plywood Box

Product Characters

1. Precision plastic injection moulding tolerance up to 0.02mm

2. High temperature material up to 300 to 350 ℃ .

3. Japan imported Daido DHA1 special mould steel for high temperature molding

4. Full dimensions inspection and running critical dimensions CPK up to 1.67

5. Mass production in Asia Billion injection molding plant with VMI( Vendor material inventory ) management for our end customer

6. Imported special plastic resin from Japan for this tuype PPS resin

7. High mold temperature up to 150 ℃ with critical tolerance control

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pps plastic injection moulding tooling Making Process:

Asia Billion Industry Plastic Injection Mould Making Process

Asia Billion Industry Injection tooling making engineering and project capacity

Asia Billion Tooling shop Overview:

Asia Billion Toolshop Overview

Our Certifications and Quality Control:

Plastic Injection molding production quality control

Asia Billion Injection Molding plant overview:

Plastic Injection molding plant

How to phase out your bad plastic injection molding suppliers ?

    Many purchasing managers often meet such a problem: if the supplier capacity is insufficient, they have quality, delivery time and other performance problems, how would you do? Many purchasing managers tend to say, change suppliers, or find more suppliers. These people are divided into two categories: one is working in a small company, the purchase is too small, really no ability to manage the supplier, only have to change the supplier; the other is the supplier management is still a purchasing rookie , The wrong way to eliminate suppliers as the main solution of supplier management.


   In fact, mostly, you can’t replace the supplier, at least in the short time. In the high-tech industries, especially small batch industry, the suppliers are so few, even one, you can’t change. For example, in the semiconductor industry, the manufacturers are mostly pursuing "strict copy" policy, once the supplier is designed to come in, the replacement is almost impossible. Another example is the aircraft manufacturing industry, the engine mainly by the three monopolies: Rolls-Royce, Pratt & Whitney and General Electric, "the world crow is general black", who you choose? That technical content is not high, such as high-volume manufacturing industry? In fact, under the constraints of production capacity, to change the supplier is also easier said than who to do. For example, in the field of contract manufacturing, there are many companies as options, but if you are Dell, HP, Apple, then your size is so big, so much capacity requirements with big volume, no matter how many objections you have on Foxconn, you often have to: Think about it, in addition to Foxconn, who will have so much big factory, hundreds of thousands of employees, can do so much of the live? Of course, you can always develop another contract manufacturer in enough time, but the key is that you can’t wait, and for the old supplier issues, you can’t guarantee that the new supplier is still same or even worse or better?


   In addition, the performance problem is often caused by both sides, and even the main reason is from buyers side problem, such as the purchaser failed to effectively manage the demand, not support the supplier enough to purchase the pre-set; The procurement side of the technical specifications, And even already in mass production, the design is still changing, which gave the supplier and these caused various problems. Since everyone is part of the problem, then it should be part of the solution. Once the idea of replace the supplier, the purchase of the mind is not to solve the problem, but went straight to punish the supplier to go. The supplier did not say, my heart is very clear that your intention, naturally will not actively cooperate to you, it will increase the difficulty of solving the problem. The two sides toss about a long time, and finally still had to return to reality to solve the problem at first, because it is in line with the best interests of both sides, but wasted a lot of time, do a lot of useless work. Therefore, the replacement of suppliers can’t to be the main tool for supplier management, as a couple quarrel can not always take the same divorce as a solution.


    Finally, replacement of the supplier need time and effort, make the more important things do not have time to do. We all know how much trouble in existing suppliers, in fact, the replacement of suppliers will double the troubles. you have not only eliminated the old, and have to develop new. Busy all day for the supplier, there is not enough time to do a good job of finding new products, the results of new products fall into the hands of the future out of the supplier, forming a vicious circle. Even for those who really should be eliminated, the time is often the best solution: as long as the new products do not continue to run in these suppliers, with the product replacement, the supplier naturally is eliminated. For those who have eliminated the equipment, since they have already bought the equipment for your product, hired people, will not deliberately smashed your interests, because it does not meet their interests too. With lower expectations, so let the time to solve the problem, often in line with the best interests of both sides. In this way, the procurement does not "fight", there is more energy to "build" the task of the new product source to do the stage, the follow-up to the management of suppliers to do solid, procurement works will take a positive cycle on the right track.

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