High Precision Plastic Injection Molding

High Precision Plastic Injection Molding

Low Price high precision plastic injection molding tooling in china . The tolerance up to ±0.01mm. This Project is for Europe Market which used for electronic connector industry. Our direct customer is a Plastic Injection molding manufactures in European area and we just provide the mold for them.

Product Details

 Low Price high precision plastic injection molding tooling in china . The tolerance up to ±0.01mm. This Project is for Europe Market which used for electronic connector industry. Our direct customer is a Plastic Injection molding manufactures in European area and we just provide the mold for them.

Mold details: 


Precision Plastic Injection Molding

Core surface finish:

Mirror EDM finish

Production Material:


Cavity surface finish:

Mirror EDM finish

No of Cavities:

1x 8

Injection System

Hot Runner

Core Material:

8407with heat treated

Type of gating:

sub gate

Cavity Material:

8407 with heat treated

Ejector system:

ejector Pins

Slider material:


Lead time for T1

45 days

Mold base:


Shot life:

1 000 000

Place of Origin



Plywood Box


Product Characters

1)     Super precision Plastic injection molding for socket connector

2)     No draft for the grooves and difficult for demolding

3)     3) High requirement for dimension homogeneity of each cavity and each groove

4)    Difficult tinny insert pins

5) Hard flash control for the grooves

6)   CPK dimension control for the pin holes up to 1.67

   Please note that this information is just for reference and don’t copy or use to others purposely.

   Asia Billion is professional high precision plastic injection molding and tooling manufacture in China for many years, no matter what kindly of material or what kindly of design, we will only make what you dream.  If you have any project, please give me you 2d .3d drawings, tooling specifications and some other what you want, we will give our best price for you. Low price and high quality for you, Don’t miss us for your project.

ABIL plastic injection molding Process:

ABIL high precision plastic injection molding Process

ABIL injection molding Plant Overview:

ABIL high precision plastic injection molding Plant Overview:

ABIL injection molding Quality Control and Certifications:

ABIL high precision plastic injection molding certifications and quallity control

ABIL packing and Logistics:

ABIL high precision plastic injection molding packing and logistics

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Overview of China's high-precision mold industry in 2017 and analysis of market prospects and development trends

1. Application fields of high precision molds and precision structural parts

    The manufacture of precision molds is the basis for the production and quality of precision plastic structural parts. The precision plastic structural parts have the characteristics of “non-standard and customized”. The customer's demand for the size, appearance and function of the precision structural parts depends first on the design and manufacture of the mold, and after the trial, trial production and customer recognition. Transfer to mass production. Precision structural parts are mainly used in consumer electronics such as mobile phones, tablets, e-books, wearable devices, etc., providing housings, exterior parts, internal support frames and connectors for consumer electronics.

    2. Industry development and prospects    The market size, development trend, customer requirements and material selection of consumer electronics products directly determine the overall development direction and market prospects of the corresponding precision structural parts industry. The specific analysis is as follows:    Smartphones are the main products of global mobile smart terminals. In 2011-2015, global smartphone shipments hit record highs. In 2015, global smartphone shipments reached 1.43 billion units, an increase of 6.2% year-on-year. It is expected to reach 1.862 billion yuan in 2019, with relatively stable growth. Compared with traditional mobile phones, smart phones have higher requirements on the outer casing, internal structural components, and multi-functional synthesis. The market scale and sustained growth rate of smart phones have brought good development opportunities to precision structural parts enterprises. At the same time, the development trend of multi-functional, light and thin consumer electronic products such as smart phones is becoming more and more obvious, and the precision structural parts are becoming more sophisticated and complicated in the future.
    Flat panels are also an important source of profit for precision structural parts companies. After the explosive growth of global flat panels in 2012 and 2013, the market heat gradually cooled down and the growth rate declined slightly. In 2015, global flat panel shipments were about 200 million units, down 7.6% year-on-year. Due to the lag in technology innovation of the tablet, a series of new products launched on the market and smartphones are highly overlapping in function. Consumers do not have the need to update the tablet. In 2016, tablet shipments will continue to shrink slightly but will remain Higher shipments. However, due to the gradual increase in the availability and popularity of split-type tablets, flat-panel shipments will see a moderate increase after 2017.

    With the rising awareness of consumers' health and the advent of the big data era, the shipments and market size of smart wearable devices have exploded in recent years, and the development momentum is strong. In 2015, the global smart wearable device market reached US$2.08 billion, a significant increase of 40.54% year-on-year. It is expected that the global market will reach US$3 billion in 2016. Therefore, smart wearable devices have become an emerging profit growth point for precision structural parts companies.

Overview of the development of China's smart terminals

    In 2012, China's smartphone shipments were 254 million units. In 2015, this figure has reached 457 million units, with a compound annual growth rate of 21.61%. In 2015, global smartphone shipments were 1.43 billion units, and China's smartphone shipments were 457 million units, accounting for 31.96% of the market, ranking first in the world. China's mobile phone brand shipments account for seven of the top 10 brands in the world.

    As the world's largest producer of flat-panel foundries, China's flat-panel shipments have declined after experiencing rapid growth in 2012, 2013 and 2014. In 2015, China's flat-panel market shipments are expected to decline by 10.9% year-on-year. It is expected that China's flat panel shipments will continue to decline in the next four years, but overall it still maintains a high level of shipments.

    Compared with smartphones and tablets, the domestic wearable device market represented by smart wristbands has experienced explosive growth. According to the statistics of Analysys think tank, the scale of China's smart wristband market in 2012 was 500 million yuan, reaching 2.2 billion yuan in 2014 and 3.4 times in two years. The market is developing rapidly.

    3. Characteristics of industry development

    (1) The main marketing strategy is to obtain large customer orders

    The main marketing strategy for companies in the industry is to obtain orders from large customers, because once they become qualified suppliers of large customers, sufficient order quantity can ensure the normal operation of production, increase equipment utilization rate and reduce production cost per unit of product, and improve company profitability. space.

    (2) One of the important factors determining the competitiveness of the company

    The mold is the basis for the manufacture of multi-functional precision structural parts. The customer will propose customized requirements according to the preferences of the current consumers in the market. After the design, processing, commissioning and trial production of the molds, the mass production of multi-functional precision structural parts will be carried out. . The precision of the mold determines the added value of the multi-functional precision structural parts. In the early stage, the company needs to continuously communicate with the customer and discuss the design scheme, and carry out several research and development and verification of the mold. Due to the mutual correspondence between the mold and the precision structural parts, the development capability of the mold determines the position of the production capacity of the enterprise in the industry, and is the pioneering foundation for the scale effect of the enterprise.

    (3) Products are oriented to the needs of end customers

    At present, there are many types of terminal products in the downstream market. Take mobile phones as an example. Different customers have different series of products. The appearance, color and texture of each product are different. Therefore, the manufacturers of precision structural parts form a customized design production capacity with the core of customer products. Since most of the enterprises in the industry establish long-term project cooperation relationships with customers, during the cooperation period, the technical research and development level of the company in the industry needs to be compatible with the product design and style requirements of the big customers, although the processes between competitors are roughly the same, There are also different technical barriers that are based on their own customer needs. The technological superiority and production capacity of the enterprise are also determined by the customer's needs and customer structure, so it is an industry oriented by the characteristics of the end customer.

    (4) Product update iteration cycle is short

    The life cycle of consumer electronics products is relatively short, affected by the speed of replacement of terminal products. The update frequency of multi-function precision structural parts is also relatively fast. The unpredictable products in the downstream market require enterprises to have strong research and development capabilities and rapid response. Production capacity. As the market competition becomes more and more fierce, customers often have sudden demand for the production of structural parts and new product development. How to design and develop molds in the shortest time and produce delivery to meet the customer's order requirements has become an advantage in the industry. key.

    (5) The industry is human, technical and resource intensive

    Precision structural parts and high-precision molds are manufactured with high precision requirements. At present, they have reached the micron level. Customers are required to specify the supplier's production equipment to ensure quality. These equipments often need to be imported from Japan, Germany or Switzerland. High, the amount of money invested by enterprises is large. At the same time, in order to consolidate its technological advantages, companies need to spend a lot of money to invest in research and development to meet the needs of fast-changing products.

    At present, the technical personnel in the industry mainly focus on self-training mode and vocational school education, and there are few highly educated technicians. In the process of integration of multi-functional precision structural parts, it is necessary to match specialized talents to assist production, and the high-end technology people are still scarce talents in the industry.

    In the assembly process, the current level of automation is still not high, and still requires a large number of workers to invest in production, resulting in a large amount of labor costs, so labor intensive is also a major feature of the industry.

    4. Industry development trend    (1) The downstream market of the industry is extensive and large    With the rapid development of consumer electronics products, multi-functional precision structural components will also usher in large-scale expansion, and diverse application scenarios can enrich the product structure of enterprises. At present, with the development of domestic mobile phone brands and the popularization of “big health” and “Internet of Things”, the precision structural parts of domestic mobile phone brands, smart wearable devices and smart home structural components have become new production trends.    (2) Industry reshuffle brought by the increase in concentration in the downstream market

The high production threshold of smart phones has made the survival of small and medium-sized smartphone brands more difficult. The recognition of small and medium-sized smartphones is not high, and there is a lack of quality channels in sales. The original marketing methods that rely on low prices to obtain customers have lost their effect in the competitive price reduction environment of the industry, so profits and market share are further depressed.

    Well-known brand chambers will continue to expand their production and use their scale advantages to build higher industry barriers. With the increase in shipments of well-known brands, manufacturers of precision structural parts have higher requirements for delivery. Small and medium-sized manufacturers with access to large customer supply chain conditions will gradually be marginalized.

   For Asia Billion, the tolerance of precision mold steel can be as high as 0.002 mm, and the tolerance of injection molded products can reach 0.01 mm, far exceeding the industry average. So friends looking for reliable high-precision mold manufacturers can learn about us.

  Asia Billion's biggest advantages include the high precision plastic injection molding and mold making, we can help you realize your production from concept to mass production with competitive price for the marketing competition.

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