Plastic Moulding Manufacturer

Plastic Moulding Manufacturer

Asia Billion is a high quality and precision custom plastic moulding manufacturer in South China for global market. Our main market are the developed countries In North America and Europe. if you need this type perfect mould and molding supplier , please contact us freely.

Product Details

In the current custom plastic Injection moulding manufacturer in china what we are facing as below:

1. Raw materials cost rise

2. Labor costs are rising rapidly

3. Recruiting employees is difficult

4. Large losing rate of person

5. Product price decrease

6. Industry competition is becoming increasingly fierce, current production capacity is greater than market demand

7. Land use costs or housing rental costs have risen sharply

8. The willingness of personnel engaged in manufacturing is declining, and skilled operators are not easily recruited.

Plastic molding manufacturing process

   The custom plastic moulding manufacturer has entered the era of transformation, low profit and reshuffle. The management of the plastic molding workshop needs to establish a “scientific, perfect, systematic and standardized” operation management system to improve the efficiency of personnel and machines. The following measures and suggestions are available:

First, mounting or dismounting mold  need to improve work efficiency and reduce manpower

1. Do a good job in production planning and reduce the number of times the machine is changed due to improper arrangement. ?

2. Reasonably set the number and the length of the ejectors,  reduce the frequent occurrence of broken pins in the production.

3. Strengthen the cleaning, lubrication and maintenance work of the mold during the production process to reduce the failure rate of the mold.

4. Strictly control the mistake operation of the mold during injection molding and reduce the number of mold maintenance.

5. Use a suitable tool to take the parts to prevent the mold from being accidentally damaged due to careless operation and reduce the number of times the mold is repaired.

6. Make the mounting and dismounting mold tool cart and the ring to be used to locate the storage area, reduce the time to find the tool.

7. Promote the “fast mold changing system”, refine each action of mounting or dismounting the molds, and convert the internal time into external time.

8. Reduce the clamping force and the end clamping speed to reduce mold deformation and impact.

9. Design the mold water channel inlet to sink into the hole and use the quick connector to reduce the time to disassemble the nozzle.


Second, the test personnel to improve work efficiency and reduce manpower cost

  By improving the mold designer's level, improving the quality of the tester's work with the efficiency of the test and reducing the workload of the test, the purpose is to reduce the cost and manpower cost:

1. Using mold flow analysis software to engage in mold design, optimize mold structure, improve mold flow, gate, cooling, Venting, demoulding and other effects.

2. Reduce the number of mold changes, mold repairs and trials caused by mold structure problems

3. Mold design training for mold designers, fully consider material properties, injection molding process requirements and injection quality requirements when design molds

4. Perform mold injection technology training for the tester to improve the ability of how to find problems, analyze and deal with problems, improve the quality and efficiency of the testing to reduce the number of test times.

5. Specify the number of times the new mold is tested (no more than 3 times)

6. Prepare the necessary things before the test, select the appropriate injection molding machine, carry out the scientific test mode to shorten the test time and reduce the test workload.

7. Formulate the test working instruction, standardize the test working instruction requirements, clarify the purpose of the test, increase the responsibility of each department,  reduce the number of invalid testing from the management.

8. Select work experience and personnel with rich professional knowledge,  serious work and responsibility guys try to shorten the testing time and increase the number of  mold test quantity.

Third, the injection engineer to improve work efficiency and reduce manpower cost

1. Implement an automated, unmanned injection molding method to reduce the adjustment caused by the instability conditions.

2. Control the plant temperature of the workshop to achieve the purpose of stable mold temperature, material temperature and injection molding process conditions. 

3. Formulate standard process conditions, arrange production machines reasonably and ensure the  process conditions.

4. Strengthen the management of injection molding process, prohibiting the operators, molders and feeding material person and Non-technical injection engineering person adjust the machine to prevent process fluctuations and changes in the quality of the plastic parts.


5. Do a good job of the injection molding machine to ensure the repeatability of the injection molding machine and the stability and reliability of the process conditions. 

6. Filter the cooling water to prevent abnormal quality due to mold temperature changes caused by rusting of the water cooling system. 

7. Strictly control the quality of raw materials, recycled material. The recycled material need to be screened for dust and then recycled to prevent the occurrence of adjustment due to raw material problems. 

8. Do a good job in the use and maintenance of injection molds, reduce the mold failure and the mold change and adjustment work after repairing the mold. Before using the mold to adjust the machine, use the special paper for cleaning the mold , reduce the time of the test and save materials.

9. Fully systematic injection molding technology knowledge training for injection molding technicians, master knowledge of materials, machines, molds, processes and defects analysis, improve their ability to analyze and deal with problems, improve their injection molding technology and control the injection molding process., reduce mistake adjustment, take the road of scientific injection molding.


10. For special plastic molds (such as multi-cavities molds), it is necessary to mark the precautions on the mold  and prevent people from making mistakes.

11. Before stopping the machine, clean the injection machine nozzle and then cool down to prevent the material burning . Use the screw cleaning agent to save the cleaning time.


4. Measures for the material staff to improve work efficiency and reduce manpower

1. The material room needs to increase the quantity of mixing machine , color and necessary plastic material, and equip with sufficient and suitable tools for cleaning the mixing machine to improve the efficiency of cleaning the mixing machine and shorten or reduce the cleaning time. 

2. If there are many mixing machines, you can mix  the various materials at the same time and reduce the number of staff.

3. Change the traditional method according to the class, implement the single ingredient, make the raw material frame, and dispense the materials needed for the order at one time, and reduce the time and workload of cleaning the mixing machine.

4. Do a good job in the material mixture plan, make the material according the purchasing order to reduce the amount of work and time


5. Train the staff to improve their work ability, work quality and work efficiency to achieve the purpose of reducing people.

6. Using color masterbatch, masterbatch mixture machine and material automatic feeding system, eliminate or reduce the manpower cost.

7. By changing the concept , improving the efficiency, doing a good job of identification label, and implementing the material mixture in one time according to purchasing order, you can reduce the number of employees.

Fives. Measures for the material feeding staff to improve work efficiency and reduce manpower

1. Make suitable feeding ladders to facilitate feeding and improve the efficiency of material feeding.

2. Place the materials to be filled in the designated area according to the machine. The material of each machine must be clearly marked or label. In order to avoid adding wrong materials.

3. Use a  automatic machine feeding machine instead of manual loading.

4. The central feeding system and the color master mixture machine are used to realize automatic feeding.

5. Improve the material storage and reduce the feeding frequency.

6. Measures for the material regrinding staff to improve work efficiency and reduce manpower


1. Increase the material regrinding machine and reduces the workload of the machine according to the type and color of the raw materials.

2. Make the tool box to reduce the time for the staff to take the sprue and reduce the labor intensity.

3. Use automated conveyor belt to reduce the workload of the material grinding (one person can use two pieces of the same material).

4. Isolate the area of the regrinding to avoid cross contamination. Strictly control the purity of the material, and reduce the time od the foreign material in the regrinding material.


5. By the better mold quality, injection molding technology and management level, control the amount of defective products and sprue material,  reduce the workload of staff.

6. The mold adopts a hot runner system to reduce the nozzle material and reduce the amount of scrap.

7. Use the machine side grinder to achieve automation recycling


8. When the regrinding machine is stopped, cover the dust cover to reduce the workload of cleaning the machine.

9. Train the staff to improve their work quality, work efficiency and job responsibility to reduce the number of scrap workers.

Seven, injection molding machine operators to improve work efficiency and reduce manpower measures

1. Use robots and conveyor belts instead of human hands to take out products and sprue to achieve automated and reduce manual start-up.


2. The cleaning, lubrication and protection work of the injection mold must be done to prevent the ejector pins, the slider, the guide pin and the guide bushing from being worn, causing the product have the burrs. Clean the mold surface, plastic, oil,  dust, and reduce the occurrence of burrs around the product caused by the damage of the parting surface and the pressure.

3. Use in-mold gate  cutting technology or change the direct gate to point gate to reduce the time of the sprue cut. 

4. Improve the mold steel, improve the rigidity and hardness of the mold, and add the support pillows to the mold to reduce the product burrs  which is caused by the deformation of the mold. The mold gate position, the slider and the movable part are made of wear-resistant steel and specially treated to reduce the occurrence of burrs on the injection molded parts which is caused by excessive wear. 

5. Do a good job in the mold test, thoroughly improve the mold problem, improve the mold quality, scientifically set the process conditions, to prevent the sticking products or sprues issues.

6. Optimize the layout of the injection molding machine, so that one operator can control the processing of two or more injection molding machines. Improve the work efficiency of the workers, and realize the automation of workshops.

7. Do a good job of maintenance and protection of the injection molding machine to prevent the wear of the machine hinge and the tie bar column, and the poor precision of the mould clamping. 

8. Reduce the clamping force to prevent the deformation of the mold caused by the excessive clamping force and the burrs. Scientifically set the opening and closing parameters, reduce the speed of the end clamping speed, reasonably set the low-pressure protection parameters to prevent the burrs caused by the mold collision. 

9. Use suitable tools for processing gates and burrs, improve processing tools and processing methods, improve processing efficiency and processing quality, reduce machine manpower.

10. Defining the processing part, processing standard, processing requirements and processing methods of the product, reducing unnecessary processing actions and shortening the second operation time. For the internal plastic parts, the burrs that do not affect the function, size and assembly effect do not need to be processed, reducing the amount of processing. And need to repair the mold after this order finish for the flash.


11. Improve the salary of the operators (slightly higher than the salary standards of the others), reduce the loss of workers, stabilize the workforce, use the experienced people to start 

12. Strengthen the job training for operators, improve their work quality, work efficiency and work responsibility, and mobilize the activities of employee.

Eight. IPQC measures to improve work efficiency and reduce manpower

1. Defining the product quality standards (dimensions, appearance, materials, assembly, color...) and highlighting the abnormal points of customer complaints and returns,  do a good job of the “first article inspection record ”of the product. Only after  the first samples is approved , the mass production can be put into production.

2. Change the concept of “post-testing” and strengthen process control. For parts where the plastic parts are easy to change (ejector pins, parting surface, pin holes ) and the time when the quality is easy to change (meal time, shift time) . it need to focus on monitoring and try to stabilize the quality of injection molded parts to reduce or eliminate IPQC person.

3. Establish the idea that “the quality of plastic products is produced, not inspected”, that is to say, “quality products are designed, manufactured, managed and controlled, not tested” 

4. Implement scientific injection molding, gradually realize automatic methods, prevent quality fluctuations and defective defects in the injection molding process, achieve quality status without IPQC to see product quality.

Asia Billion plastic molding plant Overview

   Asia Billion are a small/middle size professional custom plastic moulding Manufacturer as well as metal machined components in South China .Our stability quality, Lower price and good service has given our customer a big confidence to new production development and market competition . ISO 9001 certified and TS 16949 compliance, each project  with competitive price and excellent quality

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