Plastic Injection Molding Companies

Plastic Injection Molding Companies

PC material plastic injection molding productions for you. It is an electronic device plastic housing with high requirements for the surface finishing . 2 cavities with mold master hot runner , Hasco standard for this mold spare parts. If you want to find a good plastic injection molding companies with good customer service and low price , you are at the right place and please contact us .

Product Details

 Welcome to shop for high quality plastic injection molding products with competitive price from our company - one of the preferred small size plastic injection molding companies in China. Low cost, top quality, high efficiency, wide expertise experience and good customized service are our main advantages. We will be your target plastic mold supplier between the price and production quality with customer service.

   It is an electronic device plastic injection molding housing by PC resign. Shining finishing and strange shapes. This production is for European customer.

Production details:  


Plastic Injection molding

Core surface finish:


Production Material:


Cavity surface finish:

High Polish

No of Cavities:

1x 2

Injection System

Hot Runner

Core Material:

S136 with heat treated

Type of gating:

Pin point gate

Cavity Material:

S136 with heat treated

Cycle time:

60 s

Slider material:


Lead time for Production

60 days


Nature water

Mold life:

1 000 000

Place of Origin




Product Characters

1. Pin point gate with PC material, hard for material filling

2. Strange shapes and need good machine for the mold steel cutting

3. Good surface finish for outside, no marks is allowed

4. Warpage control within in 0.5 mm

5. 2 Points Mold master Hot Runner mold

  Please note that this information is just for reference and don’t copy or use to others purposely.

  We are professional plastic injection molding companies in China for Plastic Enclosures for many years, If you have any enclosure or plastic housing project, please give me you 2d .3d drawings, tooling specifications and some other what you want, we will give our best price for you.

ABIL Plastic Injection Molding Manufacturing Process:

ABIL Plastic Injection Molding Manufacturing Process:

ABIL Plastic Injection molding Plant Overview:

ABIL Plastic Injection molding Plant Overview

ABIL Injection Molding Quality Control and Certifications:

ABIL Injection Molding Quality Control and Certifications

Packing and Logistics:

Packing and Logistics

Production PPAP ( if necessary)

Production PPAP


1. What can I do if I only have an idea or a sketch?

  Send us an email with full description of idea and sketch drawing , our staff will contact you very soon and suggest you how to proceed.

2. What should I do if I have 3D models and want to make the products? And which format of 3D models should be ok?

We can accept IGS, PRT, STP or X_T format of the solid 3D CAD models, when you send us the 3D models, please include material choice, order quantity, color, surface treatment and so on.

3. What the cost will be for manufacturing a prototype and what's the lead time?

The cost of the prototype depends on size, structure and material, but our prototype cost starts only $50, the model size like 10X10X10CM can be done within 4 days, and plus 3 days air shipping to anywhere in the world.

4. What should I do if I only need 50-100 pcs of my designed products?

Send us the 3D models and our experienced engineer will evaluate your request, if the product material is aluminum or steel, CNC machining would be the best choice for this application, but if they are plastic parts, we will calculate if this is worth to do with prototyping or a trail mold.

5. What is the typical cost if injection-molded parts?

Tooling prices start at $850 and depend on geometry and complexity. The best way to estimate cost is to upload your 3D models and we will send you the quote within 24 hours.

6. What kinds of resin I can use?

Designer and engineers should consider application-specific material properties like tensile strength, impact resistance to ductility, mechanical characteristics, molding properties, and cost of the resin when selecting a resin. If you need a help to choose a material please feel free to contact us.

8. What are Asia Billion capabilities? What size of the mold and part we can make?

Asia Billion Industry has 15 plastic injection molding machines which injection capability is from 0.5 grams to 1200 grams, and the biggest size of the part that we can produce is about 1.5 meter x 1.5 meter x 1.2 meter.

9. Can Asia Billion assemble and pack my product with custom made colorful packaging box?

Yes absolutely we can.

 At the end of 2019 years,our Asia Billion are certified by IATF 196949 quanlity standard for our low cost automotive Plastic Injection Molding Companies abord and  some auto part OEM companies .  contact us freely if you need more information about us. 

Asia Billion Innovational Technology Ltd

Phone: 0086-134 8063 8827

 WeChat ID:8613480638827

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