Two Color Injection Mold For Handle Grips

Two Color Injection Mold For Handle Grips

This is a two color injection mold for handle grips for bicycles and motorcycles. Asia Billion made this project 3 years ago for our client and now the production is hot selling in the is made by two shot or two color injection molding technology. if you need a good partner for your project, please let us know freely.

Product Details

it is an innovative design for the bicycle handle grips for our European customer.  Asia Billion made the two color injection mold for handle grips as a 8+8 cavities due to the high volume production and which need cost efficiency too.  we are the expert for the 2 shot injection mold and common precision injection mold manufacture, you can see the above picture details and have some impression for our production quality control and manufacturing capacity.

Production details:  


2 color injection mold

Core surface finish:

custom finishing

Production Material:


Cavity surface finish:

custom finishing

No of Cavities:

8+8 cavities

Injection System

cold runner

Core Material:

1.2083 with heat treatment

Type of gating:

edge gate

Cavity Material:

1.2083 with heat treatment

Ejection system:

ejector pin

Slider and lifter material:


Lead time for T1

6 weeks

Mold base steel:


Shot life:

1 000 000

Mold price: 

EUR 32500

Mold standard :

Hasco equivalent

Product Characters:

1) Difference color matching in order to meet the varies marketing demanding

2) Using the excellent TPR material with excellent soft touching flexibility feeling 

3) UV resistance and excellent performance for cold and hot temperature

4)  Good shock absorption to protect yours arms and hands

5) Two color injection molding technics comparing with the conventional hand grips which only have one color. it is more luxury and have good visual effect

6) anti-skating design with custom surface finishing. 

Asia Billion Advantages for this project:

1) we are professional for two color injection mold for handle grips, we hold the slider core by robot and let the over molding done

2) we help to improve the design to add the art lines which can keep the part free of big flash when do the over molding and let them looks excellent

3) Cost efficiency and fast lead time , the mold is finished with two times mold trial and start the mass production successfully.

Asia Billion company overview:

Asia Billion Injection mould tooling plant overview

Asia Billion Injection tooling quality control :

Plastic Injection Tooling Quality Control

Advantages of this two color injection molding handle grips:

1. They use the high-quality elastic TPR material, good hand feel, good shock absorption effect and reasonable price

2. No condensation on the outer wall, low water absorption

3. Special design of grain surface, soft touch, good elasticity, high strength, easy installation, economical, fast, elegant and clean

4. Difficult to burn with V0 flammability rate, self-extinguish, meet fire protection requirements, safe and reliable

5. Wide application temperature range, with excellent low temperature resistance characteristics,

6. No chlorine and no chemical fibers, it will not cause skin allergy.

7. It has a strong quality of stretching and bending,  withstand tearing and strong force transmission, and it will not be damaged under severe conditions too.

8. Good shock absorption and sound absorption effect, wide application range for varies bicycles and motorcycles

  Asia Billion is a ISO 9001 certified custom plastic injection mold and molding manufacture in China, each year we made more than 100 sets two shots injection mold and molding production. we can help you to develop your two color injection mold for handle grips as well as the other custom molding handle production. please contact us freely , if we can do something for you. 

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