Keypad Plastic Housing Mould

Keypad Plastic Housing Mould

ABS material keypad plastic housing mould for computer all over the world. It is made for our customer from Taiwan local computer OEM, a worldwide famous Brand. MATT finishing with oil painting . High volume mass production. we want to be your longtime partner for the plastic mold and molding project too.

Product Details

  ABS material keypad plastic housing mould for computer all over the world. It is made for our customer from Taiwan local computer OEM, a worldwide famous Brand. MATT finishing with oil painting . High volume mass production. This is a new design keypad which have the wireless connecting and fingers touchpad. 

Project details as below :



keypad plastic housing mold

Core surface finish:

Normal polish

Production Material:


Cavity surface finish:

MATT finish

No of Cavities:

1+1 cavities

Injection System

2 drops hot runner

Core Material:

H13 with heat treatment

Type of gating:

Pin point gate and edge gate

Cavity Material:

LKM S136 with heat treatment

Ejection system:

Ejection pin

Slider material:

12 pieces angle lifter

Lead time for FOT:

7 weeks

Mold base steel:


Shot life:

1 000 000

Total Mold Price Totally:

USD 18500


Asia Billion


 Product Characters:

1) Keypad control plastic housing for the computer control panel board

2)    MATT finishing with good toughness feeling

3)   UV , Fire resistance testing and certified

4)   Hot runner plastic housing injection mold

 There is a story for project:  our customer made these several molds at other mold maker, but the result is not so good.  it always have flash and deformation for the molding parts. it need to trim the flash and some parts can not be used due to big deformation.  In some chance , a friend of our both introduce our Asia Billion to them. and then we go to the customer plant for production reviewing and discussion. we find that the injection point  position is not very reasonable, injection molding parameter are not good too, we also find that the mold is not very precision and add the good venting.  after several days following for this mold production and discussion with customer team , Asia Billion give us suggestions for the improvement. solution:

1)  change the injection point from edge gate to pin point gate with edge gate, it can help to hold better molding pressure for difference locations

2) add more injection points at the difference warpage area, some of them are not enough material filled and cause deformation

3)  add more cooling channel for outside surface with hot water to ensure that we can get the good surface finishing and as less as welding marks as possible.  and use the machine nature water and cold water for the core side to reduce the material temperature and let them cooling much faster , it is helpful to prevent the deformation after the molding cooling down. 

4) adjust the molding parameter and change them to the fast speed high quality injection molding machine with not very big holding pressure

5) replace some mold insert and do the mold fitting again  with some extra necessary mold venting system. 

  Now the molds are under production well and we can get around stable 96% qualified keypad plastic housing. and before the modification the plastic keypad housing percent of pass is just around 40%. we win the customer's appreciation and win a lot of new project for keypad mold manufacturing.

     Asia Billion is high quality keypad plastic housing mould and plastic molding manufacture in Shenzhen south of China, we are ISO 9001 certified and accord to the TS 16949 standard to control our manufacturing process. We have a lot of different keypad controllers experience,  If you have any keypad plastic housing project or similar with this, please contact us freely.

Asia Billion plastic housing mold making process:

Asia Billion plastic housing mold making process

Engineering and Project control Capacity:

mold making engineering and project management

Mold Workshop Overview:

mold shop overview

Asia Billion Quality Control:

quality control system

The analysis of sticking for the Plastic Housing injection molding production and solutions



1.     The injection  pressure and nozzle temperature is too high or too much

decrease the injection molding pressure or  the injection nozzle temperature

2.     The filling  material is too much

Decrease the filling material

3.     Too much  holding pressure

decrease the holding pressure

4.     Gating balance  is not good

improve the gating balance

5.     the  cavity side have deep ribs

add auxiliary equipment for demoulding ,  such as spring block and so on

6.     vacuum  sticking for some places

add air valve or make a hold for air flow  for the vacuum area

7.     un-reasonable  open time for the mold

adjust the mold action and mold open time

8.     the  surface finish is not smooth

have more polish for these areas

9. mismatch for the core and cavity side

adjust the mismatch by mold fitting

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