Custom Injection Molding Companies

Custom Injection Molding Companies

Asia Billion is one the best custom injection molding companies and manufactures in China for you. Low cost , high quality and good customer service for you . If you have any custom plastic injection molding project, you can contact us directly and we will try our best to service you and provide what you want.

Product Details

Your target custom injection molding companies and manufactures in China for you, this part is made by ABS material. Plastic housing for ABB Group, it is a world famous OEM companies for many different production category.  This production is for Europe Market  for the electronic device.

Production details: 


Custom Injection Molding

Core  surface finish:


Production  Material: 


Cavity  surface finish:


No of  Cavities:

1x 1

Injection  System

Hot Nozzle

Core  Material:

2343 with heat treated

Type of  gating:

Direct  gate

Cavity  Material:

2343 with heat treated

Cycle time:

45 s

Slider  material:

2343   with heat treated

Lead time  for Production

40 days


Cold water

Shot life:

1 000 000

Place of Origin



PE bags and Carton


Product Characters

1)     Thick wall custom plastic Injection moulding

2)      Custom color requirements

3)     Quick lead time and lower cost for the production

4)     Cycle time control to less than 45 seconds

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Injection Molding Companies Process:

ABIL custom injection molding process

Injection Molding Plant Overview:

ABIL Plastic Injection molding Plant Overview

ABIL Certifications and Quality Control:

ABIL Plastic Enclosures Quality Control and Certifications

Asia Billion Packing and Logistic:

ABIL Plastic Production Packing and Logistics

Asia Billion  FAQ


Q. When can I get the price ?

   A. We usually quote within 24 hours after we got your inquiry. If you are very urgent to get the price, please call us or tell us in your email so that we will regard your inquiry priority.


Q. How can I get the accurate price ?

  A.There are some basic specs we need to know for price calculate, that are: 3D drawings in STP,IGS,X-T format are avaialble, 2D drawings with tolorance or requirements, Please suggest us your quantity too.


 Q. Do you accept the OEM?

      A. OEM is welcome. We can custom the good according to your design. 


Q. What is the shipping ?

   A:By express(FedEx, UPS, DHL, TNT, EMS, etc...),By Air or by sea. It depend on the customer requirement.


Q. How do I pay for the order?

       A.The common payments are T/T(Telegraphic Transfer) or L/C .


Q. I have an idea for a new product, but don't know if it can be manufactured. Can you help?

  A. Yes! We are always happy to work with potential customers to evaluate the technical feasibility of your idea or design and we can advise on materials, tooling and likely set-up costs.

Why is ABS injection molded parts poorly glossed?

   In the ABS custom plastic injection molding production, plastic parts sometimes have poor gloss, so why is this? The main defects of plastic parts are: mold, injection molding process, raw materials. Let's take a closer look.

 Today Asia Billion will share you our enxperience with you of our experience.

First, the injection mold

1. Mold cavity processing is poor

If the mold cavity is flawed, microporous, worn, rough, etc., it will inevitably reflect on the plastic parts, so that the gloss of the plastic parts is poor. In this case, the mold must be carefully processed to make the surface of the cavity have a small roughness. It can be polished with chrome. 

2. Cavity surface stains

   If the surface of the cavity is oily or watery, or if the release agent is too much, the surface of the plastic part will be dark and dull. To do this, remove the oil and water stains in time, and use the release agent in a limited amount.

3. The stripping angle of the plastic part is too small

   If the draft angle is too small, the mold release is difficult, or the force is too large when the mold is released, so that the surface gloss of the plastic part is good, and the draft angle is increased.

4. Mold exhaustion

  If the exhaust gas will cause too much gas to stay in the model, it will also lead to poor gloss. In this case, the mold exhaust system should be checked and corrected.

5. improper gate or runner design

The cross-sectional area of the gate or runner is too small or abruptly changed. When the melt flows therein, the shear force is too large, and the turbulent flow is dynamic, resulting in poor gloss. For this, the gate and runner cross-sectional area should be appropriately increased.

Second, the injection molding process

1. The injection speed is too small

   If the injection speed is too small, the surface of the plastic part is not dense, and the gloss is poor. For this, the injection speed can be appropriately increased. 2. Plastic parts are not fully cooled

  If the thick-walled plastic parts are not sufficiently cooled, the surface will be hairy and the gloss will be dark. For this, the cooling system should be improved.

3. Improper pressure holding operation

  If the holding pressure is too small and the holding time is too short, the density of the plastic parts is insufficient and the gloss is poor. In this case, the holding pressure and the holding time should be increased.

4. If the melt temperature is too low

   When the melt flow is too low, the fluidity is poor, which tends to cause poor gloss. For this, the melt temperature should be appropriately increased.

5. Crystalline resin is unevenly cooled

  For plastic parts made of PE, PP, POM, etc., if the cooling is uneven, the gloss will be poor. For this, the cooling system should be improved to make it evenly cooled.

6. Injection speed does not match gate area

   If the injection speed is too large and the gate cross-sectional area is too small, the vicinity of the gate will be dark and the gloss is poor. For this, the injection speed and the gate cross-sectional area can be appropriately reduced.

Third, raw materials

1. The difference in raw material size is large

The difference in particle size is large, making it difficult to uniformly plasticize, and the gloss is poor. For this, the raw materials should be sieved.

2. There are too many secondary materials in the raw materials

If the recycled material or the nozzle material is added too much, the uniform plasticization of the melt is affected and the gloss is poor. Therefore, the amount of the recycled material or the nozzle material to be added should be reduced.

3. The raw material has poor temperature resistance

  Some raw materials will decompose and change color when the temperature is adjusted, resulting in poor gloss. For this, raw materials with good temperature resistance should be used.

4. Raw materials contain volatiles

  If the content of moisture or volatile matter in the raw material is too high, it will volatilize into a gas when heated, and condense in the cavity and the melt, resulting in poor gloss of the plastic part. For this, the raw material should be pre-dried.

5. The dispersion of additives is not good.

  Some additives have poor dispersibility and poor gloss of plastic parts. For this, additives with better flow properties should be used instead.

6. Raw materials are not pure

  If the raw materials are mixed with foreign matter, miscellaneous materials or incompatible materials, they cannot be uniformly mixed with the raw materials to cause poor gloss. For this, these impurities should be strictly excluded in advance.

7. Too little lubricant

  If the amount of lubricant is too small, the fluidity of the melt is poor, and the surface of the plastic part is not dense, resulting in poor gloss. For this, the amount of the lubricant should be appropriately increased.


  Therefore, according to whether your mold polishing degree meets the requirements, if the mold itself has no problem, determine the characteristics of your abs to determine, you can choose high mold temperature, high speed and high pressure; with chilled water can also achieve smoothness.

   Asia Billion can realize your ABS plastic injection molding project or other special materials.  we are the high quality custom injection molding companies in Hong  Kong with manufacturing plant in Shenzhen China, we are pleasure to help you for your any plastic molding and mould tooling project.

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