Thermal Conductivity Plastic Injection Moulding

Thermal Conductivity Plastic Injection Moulding

Asia Billion is an innovative engineering plastic injection tooling and molding company, we always study and learn the new cutting edge technology to strength us and support our customer. At the 2020 years, we learn the new technology named thermal conductivity plastic injection moulding and to be the only fewer professional plastic injection mold maker and molding companies in the world. If you are looking for this technical production, Asia Billion should be a good option for you.

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For a long time, metal materials have been traditional materials for heat conduction production, but in recent years, with the advancement of polymer technology and the booming information new industries, new performance requirements have been put on polymer materials, and polymer materials have also become good conductors of heat. It plays an important role in the field of heat conduction and subverts the traditional concept of thermal insulation of plastic polymer materials. Due to the rapid development of information industry and other industries, heat transfer engineering, electromagnetic, electrical and electronic, friction materials, computer cooling accessories, lighting components, optical components, mechanical components, auto parts, medical components, contact materials, etc require heat conduction plastic in many fields. With the expansion of the application area of conductive/heat dissipating plastics, researching on thermally conductive polymer materials is on the rise, especially for the high-power LED lamps. Many companies have replaced the traditional aluminum radiators for LED lamps by this thermal conductivity plastic injection moulding kits with many advantages. The high thermal conductivity plastic radiator will push the application and development of thermally conductive plastic to a new journey.

  New thermally conductive plastics are divided into insulated and non-insulated types according to electrical insulation. Insulated and thermally conductive plastics are mainly aimed at the trend of high integration and multi-layering in the electronics industry, lighting industry, etc and have requirements on the insulation and thermal conductivity of plastics at the same time. it has good electrical insulation, good thermal conductivity and not change other original properties of the plastic substrate. Non-insulating thermally conductive plastics are generally used for products that require anti-static, conductive, electromagnetic and other properties, but also require high heat dissipation performance . Non-insulating thermally conductive plastics are also called electrically conductive & thermally conductive plastics.

  According to the color, it can be divided into black heat conductive plastic and white heat conductive plastic. The birth of white heat conductive plastic has greatly expanded the application of heat conductive plastic, made the product more dynamic and can enhance the added value of the product. The substrate can widely use the existing various plastic materials, such as PPS, PA6/PA66, LCP, TPE, ABS, PC, PP, PPA, PEEK, etc.; fillers include AlN, SiC, Al2O3, graphite, fibrous high thermal conductivity carbon Powder, scale-like high thermal conductivity toner, etc.

The main characteristics of high thermal conductivity plastics:

1) Even and rapid heat dissipation to avoid hot spots and deformation of parts  which are caused by high temperature;

2) Improve mechanical properties such as strength and hardness. According to the selected material, the performance is further improved, and it is more environmentally friendly. In the production process of thermally conductive engineering plastic molding shells, there will be almost no toxic pollution, and the aluminum cast shell has a plating process in the production, resulting in heavy metals in waste fluids can cause serious pollution to water sources and soil.

3) The weight is 40-50% lighter than aluminum, which reduces vibration and improves stability;

4) Convenient processing and higher efficiency. It can be selected from ABS, PA, LCP, PPS, PEEK and other basic resins; the molding process is convenient, the same injection molding process as ordinary plastics can be used, no secondary processing is required, and it is suitable for mass production, so the work efficiency is very high with competitive price.

5) Low thermal expansion coefficient; low molding shrinkage and good dimensional stability;

6) The high heat resistance temperature increases the average life of product parts;

7) Fully improve the freedom of product design and increase the added value of products. Thermally conductive engineering plastics have good fluidity,  so it can produce very thin parts and have more complex shapes. The main production method of aluminum shell is die-casting or stretch forming, which cannot process more complicated shapes.

8) Wide range of thermal conductivity, ranging from 5W/m.k to 25W/m.k (the unit of thermal conductivity is W/m.k). Itis around 10 times double than the original plastic.

Asia Billion company Overview:

Asia Billion company Overview

   Since the molding method is mainly injection molding, the plastic material flows into the mold under pressure after heating, and then is molded after cooling. The characteristics of the processing technology make the thermal conductivity of the material have different capacity after the molding , that is the direction of material flow (in-plane) and the direction of vertical material flow (through-plane) during injection. Generally, the thermal conductivity in the flow direction of the plastic is 3-6 times that in the vertical flow direction of the material. This difference is caused by the continuous formation of the molecular chains in the flow direction is easier.  Special attention is needed in actual product design for this character.

  Since Asia Billion was exposed to high thermal conductivity plastic injection moulding technology in 2019 years, we have successfully mastered the mold manufacturing and injection molding process of high thermal conductivity materials through continuous research and learning. We can provide high-quality, low-cost, and fast high volume solutions for your products. At present, Asia Billion is one of the few professional injection mold manufacturers in the world that masters this technology.

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