Plastic Injection Molding Companies Near Me

Plastic Injection Molding Companies Near Me

Asia Billion is one the best Plastic Injection Molding Companies Near Me or you. we can help you for all your tooling and injection molding project as well as the metal precision machining. if you need a good partner , please let us know freely.

Product Details

  Welcome to shop for high quality plastic injection molding products with competitive price from our company - one of the preferred small size plastic injection molding companies near me and you in China. Low cost, top quality, high efficiency, wide expertise experience and good customized service are our main advantages. We will be your target plastic mold supplier between the price and production quality with excellent customer service.

   It is an industrial pump plastic injection molding housing by engineering plastic.Big size and so many ribs . This production is for European customer for the Heavy Industry equipment.

Production details:  


Plastic Injection molding

Core surface finish:


Production Material:

engineering plastic

Cavity surface finish:


No of Cavities:

1x 1

Injection System

One drop Mastip  Open hot nozzle

Core Material:

1.2738 with heat treated

Type of gating:

direct gate

Cavity Material:

1.2738 with heat treated

Cycle time:

60 s

Slider material:

1 big slider ,  1.2738 with heat treated

Lead time for Production

20 days


Hot water



Place of Origin



2 pcs of each carton

Product Characters

1. Hot runner plastic injection mold

2. Engineering plastic for the Industrial pump with good strength and resistance for abrasion resistant.

3. High material melting temperature up to 350 ℃ and 120 ℃ mold temperature

4. Texture finishing for outside

5. Good flatness for sealing to prevent gas leakage

6. Big size part and big size mold up to 1000 x 850 x 700 mm 

7. Thick wall plastic injection molding production with so many ribs

  Please note that this information is just for reference and don’t copy or use to others purposely.

  We are professional plastic injection molding companies in China for Plastic Enclosures for many years, If you have any enclosure or plastic housing project, please give me you 2d .3d drawings, tooling specifications and some other what you want, we will give our best price for you.

ABIL Plastic Injection Molding Manufacturing Process:

ABIL Plastic Injection Molding Manufacturing Process:

ABIL Plastic Injection molding Plant Overview:

ABIL Plastic Injection molding Plant Overview

ABIL Injection Molding Quality Control and Certifications:

ABIL Injection Molding Quality Control and Certifications

Packing and Logistics:

Packing and Logistics

Production PPAP ( if necessary)

Production PPAP

Craftsmanship of thick-walled plastic injection molding parts shrinking


  The problem of shrinkage of plastic parts (surface shrinkage and internal shrinkage) is due to defects caused by insufficient filling of the melt when the thicker part is cooled. We often encounter situations where the pressure is increased, the water inlet is increased, the injection time is prolonged, and the shrinkage problem cannot be solved.


   Therefore, when encountering a serious shrinkage problem with thick parts, it is necessary to take some unconventional injection molding techniques, otherwise it will be difficult to solve the problem. In practice production, we explored a set of more effective techniques to cope with the difficult problem of this injection molding.


   First of all, under the premise of ensuring that the plastic injection molding parts are not deformed, the method of minimizing the cooling time is adopted to allow the injection molded parts to be prematurely released at a high temperature. At this time, the temperature of the outer layer of the injection molded part is still high, and the skin is not too hardened, so the temperature difference between the inside and the outside is relatively small, which is advantageous for the overall shrinkage, thereby reducing the concentrated shrinkage inside the injection molded part. Since the overall shrinkage of the injection molded part is constant, the more the overall shrinkage is, the smaller the concentrated shrinkage is, and the degree of internal shrinkage and surface shrinkage is thus reduced.


   Then, if it is to solve the shrinkage hole problem, it will be discussed in [Technical Skills for Thickening the Thick Wall Injection Molding (2)]. As for the problem of improving the surface shrinkage, the injection molded parts will solve the shrinkage hole after the high temperature is released. Different.


   The problem of shrinkage is caused by the temperature rise of the mold surface, the cooling capacity is reduced, and the surface of the newly-formed injection molded part is still soft (unlike the surface of the PC part after the mold is hard, it is easy to produce shrinkage holes), and the interior is not completely eliminated. Since the shrinkage cavity forms a vacuum, the surface of the injection molded part is compressed inward under the pressure of atmospheric pressure, and at the same time, the shrinkage force is added, and the shrinkage problem is generated. Moreover, the slower the surface hardening speed, the more likely it is to cause dents, such as PP material, and the more easily the shrinkage holes are produced.


   Therefore, after the injection molded part is prematurely released, it is appropriately cooled to maintain a certain hardness on the surface of the injection molded part, so that it is less likely to cause shrinkage. However, if the problem of shrinkage is serious, moderate cooling will not be eliminated. It is necessary to adopt a method of freezing water to make the surface of the molded part harden quickly to prevent shrinkage, but internal shrinkage holes will still exist. For materials with a soft surface such as PP, due to the effect of vacuum and shrinkage force, the injection molded parts may have the possibility of shrinkage, but the degree of shrinkage has been greatly reduced.


   At the same time as taking the above measures, if the method of extending the glue injection time is used instead of the cooling time, the surface shrinkage and even the internal shrinkage cavity improvement will be better.


   Finally, sometimes the above methods may not completely solve the problem, but there has been an improvement in efficiency. If the problem of surface shrinkage must be completely solved, it is a last resort to have a proper amount of anti-shrinkage agent. Of course, transparent parts can't do this.


   If the surface of the thick-walled part still has a sink mark, or if a plastic part such as a partial wall is encountered, the introduction of gas-assisted injection molding or micro-foam injection molding will be solved.


    TV sets, home appliances, automobiles, furniture, daily necessities, office supplies, toys, etc. have opened up new fields of application for plastic molding. Gas-assisted injection molding technology is particularly suitable for pipe-like products, thick-walled, and partial-walled systems. Pieces) and large flat structural parts.

Asia Billion innovationnal are a small/middle size professional  injection tooling & plastic injection molding companies near me or you in South China .Our stability quality, Lower price and good service has given our customer a big confidence to new production development and market competition . ISO 9001 certified and IATF 16949 compliance, each project  with competitive price and quality assurance.


   If you have any project or any question, please contact us at: or call +86 134 8063 8827 for more details. 

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