LCP Engineering Plastic Molding

LCP Engineering Plastic Molding

This is super precision plastic injection tooling and LCP engineering plastic molding items for military device plastic connector.low volume mass production but very high technical molding requirements for material and tolerance.

Product Details

This is super precision plastic injection tooling and LCP engineering plastic molding items for military device plastic connector.  Very low volume mass production but very high technical molding requirements  for material and tolerance.    Asia Billion made this mold with some special steel from Europe and Japan.  Mold steel critical tolerance :3 microns and check by CMM each step before going to next manufacturing step.

Production details: 


engineering plastic molding

Core  surface finish:

EDM finishing

Production  Material:


Cavity  surface finish:

EDM finishing

No of  Cavities:

1x 2

Injection  System

Cold runner

Core  Material:

NDA protection

Type of  gating:

Sub  gate

Cavity  Material:

NDA protection

Cycle time:

35 s

Slider  material:


Lead time  for Production



Hot Oil

Shot life:

100 000

Mold price:

CNY 65000


PE bags and Carton


Product Characters:

1) High precision injection tooling and molding

2)   Crazy R & R requirements for the plastic injection molding tolerance of +/-0.01mm

3)   LCP high technical engineering plastic injection molding

4)  Special Injection molding machine with ceramic heating sensors

5)  High melting temperature and mold temperature

 Asia Billion Advantages for this project:

1) 95% of China Injection mold makers don't have this super precision capacity of 3 microns tolerance for steel critical dimensions.

2)   CPK running up to 1.88 for 3 critical dimension control. 

3)  Production R & R ( repeatability & reproducibility) study for the groove distance between the plastic and metal insert with small volume 500 pcs per order.

4) Patent protection and at least 50% lower price than our competitor in Japan.

5) we are rich expereince for Liquid Crystal Polymer LCP engineering plastic molding parameters and use for more hundreds tons resin per year

ABIL  plastic molding manufacturing Process:

plastic molding process

plastic molding Plant Overview:

ABIL plastic molding Plant Overview

ABIL plastic molding Certifications and Quality Control:

Asia Billion plastic molding Control and Certifications

Packing and Logistic:

 plastic molding Production Packing and Logistics

Introduction of LCP engineering plastic molding and material characters


   LCP is the abbreviation of Liquid Crystal Polymer in English. It is called liquid crystal polymer in China. It is a new type of polymer material. It will generally become a liquid crystal form under certain heating conditions. Therefore, it is named after its characteristics.

The use of plastic raw materials:

   LCP is the abbreviation of Liquid Crystal Polymer in English. It is called liquid crystal polymer in China. It is a new type of polymer material. It will generally become a liquid crystal form under certain heating conditions. Therefore, it is named after its characteristics. Determined the usefulness of LCP plastic materials.

   LCP plastic raw material full name LIQUID CRYSTAL POLYMER, Chinese name liquid crystal polymer. It is a new type of polymer material that generally exhibits liquid crystallinity in the molten state. These materials have excellent heat resistance and molding processability. The polymerization method is mainly composed of melt polycondensation, and the wholly aromatic LCP is assisted by solid phase polycondensation to obtain a high molecular weight product. Non-aromatic LCP plastic materials are often prepared by one-step or two-step melt polymerization. In recent years, continuous melt polycondensation has been developed to produce high molecular weight LCP. Liquid crystal aromatic polyester is oriented in the liquid crystal state due to its macromolecular chain. It has a heterogeneous fiber structure, special properties, and high product strength, which is no less than metal and ceramic. Tensile strength and flexural modulus can be developed over a variety of thermoplastic engineering plastics over the past 10 years. Mechanical properties, dimensional stability, optical properties, electrical properties, chemical resistance, flame retardancy, processability, heat resistance, and low coefficient of thermal expansion. The properties, processability and price of the obtained liquid crystal polyester are different depending on the monomers used. The choice of fillers and the amount of filler added also affect its performance.


LCP advantages.


1. High liquidity

2, good dimensional stability

3, good solvent resistance

4, high mechanical strength

5, good flame retardancy


LCP  use.

1, quick connector, coil, switch, socket

2, pump parts, valve parts

3. Automotive fuel peripheral parts

4, electronic furnace container


LCP characteristics:

A: Liquid crystal can be further classified into a lyotropic liquid crystal polymer and a thermotropic liquid crystal polymer. The former is in a liquid crystal state in a solvent, and the latter is in a liquid crystal state due to a change in temperature.

B: The main chain of the liquid crystal polymer molecule is rigid, the molecules are tightly packed, and are highly oriented during the molding process, so that the linear expansion coefficient is small, the molding shrinkage rate is low, and the strength and elastic modulus are excellent and excellent. The heat resistance has a high load deformation temperature, and some can be as high as 340 ° C or more.


C: LCP has good weather resistance and radiation resistance, has excellent flame retardancy, and can extinguish the flame without continuing to burn. Its combustion level reaches the UL94V-0 level. LCP plastic materials are one of the best special plastics for fire safety.


D: The general thermotropic liquid crystal polymer has a good fluidity and is easy to process. The molded product has a sheath-core structure peculiar to a liquid crystal polymer, and the resin itself has a fiber property and has a high orientation in a molten state, so that it can exert a fiber-reinforced effect. This is also the most striking feature of liquid crystal polymers.


E: Thermotropic liquid crystal polymer can also be made into polymer blending materials with various plastics. The liquid crystal polymer in these blending materials can enhance the strength, rigidity and heat resistance of the material. .


F: The density of LCP plastic raw materials is 1.4~1.7g/cm3. The liquid crystal polymer has high strength, high modulus mechanical properties, and self-reinforcing property due to its structural characteristics, so that the unreinforced liquid crystal plastic can reach or exceed the mechanical engineering of tens of glass fiber reinforced with ordinary engineering plastics. The level of strength and modulus; if enhanced with glass fiber, carbon fiber, etc., far more than other engineering plastics.


G: LCP liquid crystal polymer also has excellent thermal stability, heat resistance and chemical resistance. For the creep defects of most plastics, the liquid crystal material is negligible, and the wear resistance and wear resistance are excellent.


H: LCP plastic raw materials have excellent electrical insulation properties. Its dielectric strength is higher than that of general engineering plastics, and its arc resistance is good. As an electrical application part, its electrical properties are not affected when the continuous use temperature is 200~300 °C. The intermittent use temperature can reach about 316 °C.


I: LCP plastic materials have outstanding corrosion resistance. LCP products will not be corroded in the presence of 90% acid and 50% alkali. For industrial solvents, fuel oil, detergents and hot water, after contact Will not be dissolved, and will not cause stress cracking.

   Asia Billion have more than 30 projects LCP engineering injection molding and tooling manufacture experience for our customer each year for the aerospace , military and electronics industry, we had learned a lot and have enough knowledge for your LCP engineering plastic molding project. if you have any this type project and want  to find a experienced supplier , please don't hesitate to contact us. 

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