Laser Direct Structuring Plastic Molding

Laser Direct Structuring Plastic Molding

Asia Billion is a high technology plastic injection mold maker and molding company in China. This is a new high technology laser direct structuring plastic molding project( LDS plastic molding) for our customer. we make the injection mold and molded the semi-finished plastic parts and then get the other steps done in customer plant for lasting cutting and plating.

Product Details

  Asia Billion is an innovative plastic injection mold and molding production manufacture in China. we keep learn and touch the latest technology all over the world. Here we will show you one of our core technologies today -- laser direct structuring plastic molding technology, the short name is LDS plastic molding. we are the only few companies all over the world who have this capacity and experience. 

  laser direct structuring  ( LDS) technology is using CNC laser to directly transfer circuit patterns to the surface of the molded plastic parts, it use the laser machine to cut the circuit communication structure along with the 3d shape of the plastic production.


LDS material is a kind of modified organic metal & plastic mixture compound. After laser irradiation, the organic metal compound releases particles and can conduct electricity.


LDS production manufacturing process:

lds production manufacturing process

Characteristics of LDS organometallic compound:


1) Good insulation


2) Cannot be a catalytically active agent


3) Can be evenly dispersed in the plastic resin


4) Metal ions can be released after laser irradiation


5) High temperature resistance; chemical resistance; low toxicity


6) No chemical spillage, no migration


  The mold factory make the molds according to the needs of end customers and the requirements of LDS special plastic materials.


Key-points of design of LDS product injection molding process:


①The vertical area cannot be designed in the laser area, the slope should be designed appropriately, and the angle between the slope and the vertical line should be greater than or equal to 30°.

②The laser area should avoid the parting line and insert line as much as possible, need to avoid the fatal impact of the broken line on the laser process in the future.

③ The upper limit of the parting line height cannot exceed 0.05mm.

④The through hole should be designed as a cone angle, the angle of the cone angle should be greater than or equal to 60°, the minimum diameter of the via hole should be 0.2mm, and the edge of the hole can be rounded with a radius of 0.15mm

⑤The surface of laser direct structuring plastic molding materials should not be polished, the roughness is Ra 5-10um, which meets the requirements of LDS process, and the mold steel need to be cut under high speed cnc machine.

⑥The dimensional tolerance requirements of plastic molding finished part cannot exceed 0.02mm, and the flatness uniformity requirements are high too. For larger products, the tolerance can be relaxed appropriately, but it should be noted that the function cannot be affected.


  According to customer needs, we need to select the appropriate LDS plastic. Before production, bake for 4-5 hours to ensure that the material is fully dried and it can also ensure the smooth progress of injection molding. Note that during the injection molding process, the recycled material should not be added. And it is best to produce laser direct structuring plastic molding parts in a 100,000-class dust-free workshop to avoid product contamination or mixed materials which may cause product failure.

Common LDS plastic material:

PA 6 modifiedPA66 modifiedPBT modified
LCP modifiedPEEK modifiedPC modified


  Asia Billion's main services are also limited to this step. Due to the limitations of equipment and technical capabilities, we do not have the production capacity for subsequent laser cutting processing and coating. This will be processed by our customers' own factories to complete professionally for the final production !


  The development of LDS process has been relatively stable and mature so far. Compared with other traditional processes, LDS has a smaller size of finished products, a simplified process, a short R & D and manufacturing time, and a stable process. It is good for environmental protection, high precision and other technical advantages. It has been widely used in smart phone antennas, notebook computer antennas, medical equipment sensors, automotive equipment sensors, electronic and electrical products.

Please contact us freely if we can do something for you for the technical plastic molding or laser direct structuring plastic molding, we are the export and give try our best to support you. 

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