Injection Molded Parts

Injection Molded Parts

Asia Billion is a professional injection mold making and plastic injection molded parts factory.Our products are widely used in the construction industry, IoT electronic, medical equipment, electrical and electronic, household appliances, automotive, communications, LED lighting, military aerospace and commodity.

Product Details

Asia Billion is a professional injection mold design and plastic injection molded parts factory. we can supply you for the injection mold, plastic molded parts, metal machining.Our products are widely used in the construction industry, IoT electronic, medical equipment, electrical and electronic, household appliances, automotive, communications, LED lighting, military aerospace and commodity.

       We totally have 36 sets full computer precision injection molding machines from 45 tons to 500 tons and plan to purchase more injection molding machine in the coming years . it will expand our capacity to 1500 tons machine for some big molds too, our experience material include ABS, ASA, PP, HDPE, LDPE, POM, PA6, PA46, PA66, PA12, PA9T, LCP, PEI, PEEK, PPA, PCTG, PA+ glass fiber, PBT, PC, PC+ABS, PC+PBT, PMMA, PS, TPE, TPU, TPR, PPO, PPS and other engineering material.

       Asia Billion is also a professional exporter and manufacture of injection molds. The mold shop equipment includes CNC machining centers, wire cutting, EDM, lathes, milling machines, grinding machines and other necessary equipment. We export more than 300 sets of various types mold each year to the worldwide market, mainly in Europe and North America, including ordinary injection molds, insert molds, two-color molds, three-color molds, precision molds, rubber molds and stack molds. 

Asia Billion Injection mould tooling plant overview

       Our company has experienced design engineers (providing customers with early product development and design consulting for free), mold technicians, process engineers and quality engineers make the quality control and continuous improvement of each process of the company to ensure every batch product consistency and cost optimization. Regardless of the size of the client, we always treat each other with sincerity and always have a grateful heart to develop together for a long time partnership.

       Consistent quality, low-cost solutions, professional service  and fast feedback are the main reasons why customers choose us and are our goal of continuous improvement.

  As a professional injection molding manufacturer, we need to consider a lot of related factors in the process of designing injection molded parts. For example, the dimension should be considered, not only to meet the requirements of use and installation, but also to consider the manufacturing and equipment performance of the mold. at the same time the factors affecting the precision of the injection molded parts must be strictly controlled, including the manufacturing precision of the mold, the plastic composition and the process conditions.


   The surface roughness of the injection molded part is determined by the roughness of the mold surface, so the surface roughness of the mold is lower than the product and is achieved by grinding and polishing. The injection molded parts will produce cooling shrinkage in the cavity, which makes it difficult to take out the injection molded parts. Therefore, in order to facilitate demolding, the design should also consider that the inner and outer surfaces parallel to the demolding direction have sufficient draft angle.

   During the injection molding process of injection molded parts manufacturing, the temperature to be controlled is the barrel temperature, nozzle temperature and mold temperature. The first two temperatures primarily affect the plasticization and flow of the plastic, while the latter temperature primarily affects the flow and cooling of the plastic.

 Each plastic has a different flow temperature. The same plastic has different flow and decomposition temperatures due to different sources or grades. This is due to the difference in average molecular weight and molecular weight distribution. Plastics are used in different types of injection machines. The plasticizing process is also different, so the temperature of the selected cylinder is also different.

  The nozzle temperature of the injection molding process is usually lower than the barrel temperature, in order to prevent the " material flowing from nozzle to outside" that the melt may occur in the straight-through nozzle. The nozzle temperature should not be too low, otherwise it will cause early condensation of the melt to block the nozzle, or affect the performance of the product due to the injection of the early aggregate into the cavity.

  The mold temperature has a great influence on the intrinsic properties and apparent quality of the product. Its temperature depends on the presence or absence of plastic crystallinity, the size and structure of the product, performance requirements, and other process conditions, such as melt temperature and injection speed. And injection pressure, molding cycle, and so on.

Asia Billion Injection molding plant Overview

   Asia Billion are a small/middle size professional injection tooling & injection molded parts manufacture as well as metal machined components in South China .Our stability quality, Lower price and good service has given our customer a big confidence to new production development and market competition . ISO 9001 certified and TS 16949 compliance, each project  with very competitive price and quality assurance. If you have any RFQ, please feel free to contact us.

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