Emi Shielding Plastic Molding

Emi Shielding Plastic Molding

this is innovative high technology emi shielding plastic molding project for our USA customer.it is used for some military equipment. under the help of our customer and our material vendor support, Asia Billion now learn and control the new technology for RFI shielding plastic molding and EMI shielding plastic molding technology. if you want to find a this supplier , please let us know freely.

Product Details

  EMI emi shielding plastic molding is new technology which just realized for current fewer years. Asia Billion is a fast growing plastic injection mold maker and plastic molding company in China. we are always eager to leanr the new technology and new material , after long time learn and trying  with the strong supplier of our customers and material vendor  support, finally Asia Billion learned the technology and know how to do with the EMI shielding plastic molding or RFI  plastic molding project.  

  Today Asia Billion will let you know more about EMI/RFI shielding technology after you read this article. 

Working principle of electromagnetic shielding:

  Electromagnetic(EMI shield technology is using of components which is made of conductive materials or ferromagnetic materials to shield the end of the turbo generator interference source . For details, it uses a shield to protect components, circuits, assemblies, Surround the interference source of the cable or the entire system to prevent the electromagnetic field of interference from spreading out; surround the receiving circuit, equipment or system with a shield to prevent them from being affected by external electromagnetic fields.

  Electromagnetic shielding is a method of controlling the induction and radiation propagation of electromagnetic interference from one area to another  which base on the principle of metal isolation. Shielding is generally divided into two types: one is electrostatic shielding, which is mainly used to prevent the effects of electrostatic fields and constant magnetic fields, and the other one is electromagnetic shielding, which is mainly used to prevent the effects of alternating electric fields, alternating magnetic fields and alternating electromagnetic fields. 

  Electrically conductive plastic molding products, those can provide EMI shielding or RFI shielding, this technology are used widely at the aerospace, defense, military and electronics industries. One common method of producing these conductive or shielding parts is to plate or paint an injection-molded plastic part with a specialty coating. However, this can be a expensive and time-consuming process, and the results are often less than ideal due to not perfect painting or some places are not painted well.

   In order to quickly and efficiently produce the high precision, tight tolerance conductive or EMI shielding plastic components from injection molding, Asia Billion spend a lot time and trying to learn the new technology of EMI shielding plastic molding. We use the material from our material vendor Sabic. Special elements and shielding fibers are entrained directly into the plastic at first. This solution can provide consistent, reliable quality performance and eliminates the need for secondary coating and plating processes. Now Asia Billion are the just fewer injection molding companies in the world who have this technology and well know how to do for your EMI. RFI shielding plastic molding project.

EMI / RFI product features:

1) The deep attenuation EMI / RFI shielding function is between 30-1000 MHz and between 40-60 dB.

2) The strength is similar to the mechanical properties of standard unfilled base resin. If needed, the additional glass or carbon fiber reinforced materials can be used to increase strength and rigidity to control molding shrinkage.

3)Flame retardant can be compounded with fire retardants, including halogen-free flame retardant plastics.

4) Helps control the EMI / RFI attenuation of the entire component without secondary spraying or the attachment of conductive fabrics. The design freedom of injection molding provides advantages for complex part design, the old solution technology of the efficiency for metal spraying or conductive is much lower.

5) Helps provide consistent protection Because conductivity penetrates the entire part, it will not be damaged by scratches or nicks on the surface, which is completely superior to traditional spray coating technology.

Asia Billion plastic molding plant :

Asia Billion Injection molding plant Overview

Below are the  special EMI/RFI material with characters what Asia Billion can service you from our vendor :

Modle No:Discription and characters:


EMI / RFI shielded, ABS and stainless steel base material

S003EMI / RFI shielded, ABS and stainless steel base material
S004EMI / RFI shielding acrylonitrile butadiene styrene compound containing stainless steel fiber.
AX88130ABS, stainless steel fiber base material, EMI / RFI shield
S00261PC, stainless steel fiber base material, high impact resistance, flame retardant, non-brominated and non-chlorinated flame retardant, EMI / RFI shielding
S00361Conductive, EMI / RFI shielding, high impact resistance, non-brominated and non-chlorinated flame retardant polycarbonate, stainless steel.
S00361Pconductive, EMI / RFI shielded, high impact resistance, non-brominated and non-chlorinated flame retardants, polycarbonate, stainless steel
S003EPEI, stainless steel fiber mixture material , our above showing project use this material
MS003conductive, EMI / RFI shielded, polypropylene, stainless steel


conductive, EMI / RFI shielded, PC + ABS, stainless steel

Asia Billion now are the only fewer companies all over the world who have this new technology.   we have extensive emi shielding plastic molding project for the material , mould and testing.   Here we will be you longtime partner to support you this type project. Please contact us freely if you have any inquiry.

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