Infrared Transmitting Plastic Injection Molding

Infrared Transmitting Plastic Injection Molding

it is a infrared (IR) transmitting plastic injection molding production for IoT device( internet of things). we design and make the production from our customer's draft drawing. it is a 4 cavities mold with stainless steel and 2 lifter of each item. fast lead time from initial design to final production with around 6 weeks. the plastic material is special too, because normal plastic resin can't transmit the Infra red. we need to find special material with professional testing for the functions . Asia Billion is a apple quality custom plastic injection tooling and molding manufacture in China. the infrared transmitting plastic injection molding is our new technology, for now we had made more than 5 projects for this requirement and become expert for this field. Let us know freely , if you have any this project too.

Product Details


   Do you know what is infrared (IR) transmitting ? For the latest electronic device and appliance new touching board, there is no click button, but it can working very well.  Do you know why?  It is a new technology for infrared (IR) transmitting plastic injection molding, your body or fingers have some temperature and it have some infrared, when you touch the board,   the sensor in the plastic board will feel your orders and can working.  That is the reason. 

  Asia Billion is a top quality infrared transmitting plastic injection molding manufacture from concept design from concept ideals or models. Production design and development , prototype testing and validation, molding making , plastic injection moulding and second operation . we are a good partner for your these type projects.

Our Asia Billion advantages for infrared transmitting plastic injection molding project:

1> . well known for the special plastic resin ,we can support your engineering requirements for plastic enclosure development

2> Understand customer design requirements and functions, rather than other companies who only concern their manufacturing technics.

3> have the one stop service from concept to mass production

4> fast lead time and excellent quality with competitive price. our mold manufacturing project can reach to 15 working days for first sample from drawing.

5> Electronic understand such as LED, display, and PCBA for plastic enclosure development support. There is no professional mold maker in China have this capacity exclude the electronic manufacture which have their mold making plant.

    Asia Billion focus on R & D and plastic injection molding manufacturing of infrared transparent optical materials. Our production are widely used for infrared windows, infrared cameras, infrared touch, infrared monitoring, infrared thermal imaging, infrared sensing, smart home, robotics, security and other applications. We had developed infrared transmission plastic molding production, infrared filter plates, filters, infrared filter films and so on. The surface color of the material can be black, white, crimson or brown. Our plastic molding production infrared transmission material has stable optical performance, super penetration, strong anti-interference ability, good shielding of visible light and strong light, and it can pass through the near-infrared region with a wavelength of 575nm-1600nm and above. The infrared transmittance depends on the component. Thickness, working band and color requirements, transmission can reach between 88% -94%.

How to make the Infrared transmitting plastic ?

   Infrared transmitting PC is based on PC (polycarbonate) plastic, which is a kind of infrared transmitting material that is polymerized by adding a certain ratio of infrared agents and other additives through a special process. By adjusting different material ratios during processing, the efficiency of infrared penetration is increased while maintaining the inherent characteristics of PC (polycarbonate) plastics. The infrared transmitting PC produced by our company has excellent mechanical properties and physical characteristics, and is currently a competitive product in the industry.

   Asia Billion is a first professional company for Infrared transmitting plastic injection molding in China. If you have this type project and want to find an experience supplier please contact us freely for you any question or RFQ.

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