Custom Plastic Injection Molding Company

Custom Plastic Injection Molding Company

As the middle to small size custom plastic injection molding company-- Asia Billion , we just awarded the IATF16949 automotive quality certification at the end of 2019 years. now we are ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 certified together to service our customer higher standard for the plastic project.

Product Details

Asia Billion is a Chinese custom injection mold maker and custom plastic injection molding company for global customer. We have more than 20 years' experience in plastic design, tooling, and manufacturing plastic molding parts. Our injection presses range from 45 to 2000 tons, our onsite biggest machine is 550 tons and under our suppliers support we can reach to 2200 tons Max capacity for mold trial and production molding. Our equipment is custom designed for high precision with a lot of robots. All of our machines are also highly mechanized and well maintenance to ensure that the production quality and cost- effective. That is why our services are very affordable and stable.

Asia Billion Custom Plastic Injection Molding capacity:


Injection molding range:

Mold and part engineering:


Asia Billion have the capacity from 45 tons to 2200 tons for the injection parts ( under supplier help, our in house biggest machine is 550 tons at 2020 years). Half of our machine are imported   high precision injection machine from Japan and Germany, the machine brand   include Toshiba, Demag and Sumitom and some Chinese local bands. We can mold   the part size from 0.1 gram to 5 Kg per part.

Asia Billion have in-house 15 engineers .we can develop that from concept into real product and some of them can speak   English. We use the Autodesk, PTC, UG and Solidworks to design the mold and   production unit.  We have the   simulation capacity too such has mold flow and part design FEA.

Mold making :

Resin and mold Selection:

We have in-house tooling shop around 1000  square meters size with around 40 people who work on the mold department with   the latest machine and technology. We can make the mold size from 100 mm to   2500 mm with Max mold tolerance can up to 0.01 mm ( 0.0004”)

We choose the right material is one of   the most important factors in creating great plastic parts and wo also can   accord to your requirements too.  For   the mold , we also can help you finalize the mold steel, cavitation, parting   line , injection position and so on

Second operation:


We have our own assemble line for the   plastic parts such as automat assemble or manual assemble , ultrasonic   bonding, heat staking as well as the printing and painting under our   suppliers help

We have the capacity for global shipment   to you warehouse and also have Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) logistic   capacity to cover just-in-time needs.



Plastic injection molding process

  Plastic injection molding uses the squeezability and moldability of plastics. First, the granules or powdered molding materials are sent from the hopper of the injection molding machine to the high-temperature barrel, it will be heated , melted and plasticized, and make it In the state of viscous flow condition, under the high pressure of the screw pushing, the melted plastic is injected into the low-temperature closed mold through the nozzle at the front of the barrel at high speed flow rate, and the mold is opened after a period of pressure holding and cooling and setting , then take out plastic parts with a certain shape and size.

  This process is suitable for the production of a large number of parts. It is a very rapid and low cost manufacturing process. The steps followed in plastic molding as below picture showing;



Asia  Billion  Custom plastic injection molding company process Indroduction


Asia Billion common used Plastic Injection defaults ,Root cause and Solutions:

Defaults:Root causeCorrection solutions

Have striper

resin temperature too lowincrease resin temperature
injection speed too fastdecrease injection speed
mold temperature too lowincrease mold temperature
injection position is not goodchange the injection point position

Wave surface

resin temperature too high

reduce injection nozzle temperature

mold temperature too low increase mold temperature
Holding pressure too small or too slowadjust the holding pressure

Not Good finish

injection pressure not enoughincrease injection pressure
injection speed too low

increase injection spee


injection point position not gooddo mold flow and change the injection point position,increase the injection point quantity
injection point too small increase the injection point and runner

mold releasing oil、pollution、water markclean the mold surface

Air trap

material filling speed too highdecrease the injection speed
venting is NGadd the venting

Silver marks

Plastic decomposition reduce the melting temperature
plastic drying not enoughdrying with correct temperature and enough time
resin waiting time too longreduce the cycle time and others necessary
Injection speed too fastreduce the injection speed
the air mix inside to the resinincrease the back pressure
mold temperature too lowincrease mold temperature
injection machine type NGchange the injection machine type
Mold venting NGadd the mold venting
surface are pollutedclean the mold and part surface

marks around  

the injection point

mold temperature too lowincrease the metling and nozzle temperature
drying not enoughdrawing enough
injection pressure too lowincrease the injection pressure
injection speed too lowIncrease the injection speed

Mold factors

Increase the mold temperature
increase the injection point and runners
change the injection point position after Mold flow simulation

Black lines

injection nozzle is not cleanclean the injection nozzle
stopping time too longinjection the material to outside in the nozzle and use the new material
the nozzle temperature too highreduce the nozzle temperature
injection speed too fastreduce injection speed
the injection screw rotation speed too highreduce the screw injection speed,reduce back pressure


some air in the resinincrease the plasticizing time and back pressure
mold no venting
add venting for mold
Injection speed to fastreduce the injection speed

Cloud marks、NG glossary

resin too hotreduce nozzle temperature
resin drying not enoughenough drying、change to high efficient drying equipment
mold temperature too lowIncrease mold temperature
Nozzle temperature too low or too highadjust the nozzle temperature
too much mold releasing agentincrease to use mold releasing agent

Colour NG

pigment mixture is not goodchange the resin or pigment , use the better pigment
nozzle temperature too low or too highadjust the nozzle temperature
plastificaion not goodreduce screw speed,increase back pressure
Resin decompositionreduce temperature,reduce cycle time
machine is dirtyclean the machine
cooling time is too shortincrease the cooling time
Injection point position not goodadjust the injection point position
Dispersants, diffusers  NGdon't use the un-correct dispersants and diffusers

    As the middle to small size custom plastic injection molding company-- Asia Billion , we just awarded the IATF16949 automotive quality certification at the end of 2019 years.  now we are ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 certified together to service our customers higher standard for the plastic project. 

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