Precision Injection Mold For Plastic Connector

Precision Injection Mold For Plastic Connector

High precision injection mold for plastic connector which is used for military, The direct customer from Singapore and end customer for Europe.Asia Billion is the expert for plastic connector injection tooling and molding manufacture, please contact us freely for your project.

Product Details

   High precision injection mold for the plastic connector which is used for military, The direct customer from Singapore and end customer for Europe. Now Asia Billion learned many things from our old experience for the plastic connector making. we cooperate with almost all famous connector OEM factories.  the connectors are one of our main core production business and later project development directions.

Project details as below :



Plastic connector high  precision injection mold

Core surface finish:

Mirror EDM finish

Production Material:


Cavity surface finish:

Mirror EDM finish

No of Cavities:

4 cavities

Injection System

One drop runner

Core Material:


Type of gating:

Sub gate

Cavity Material:


Ejection system:

Ejection pin

Slider material:

2 pcs slider of each. S136  with heat treatment

Lead time for T1:

6 weeks

Mold base steel:


Shot life:

500 000

Total Mold Price Totally:

USD 12500


Asia Billion


 Product Characters:

1) Engineering plastic material LCP +30GF with high melting temperature

2)    No draft for the connector inside pin holders

3)   Critical tolerance upto +/-0.02 mm with mold steel tolerance control +/-0.005mm

4)   CPK control for the critical dimension up to 1.67

5)   High mold temperature up to 120 degree Celsius

    Asia Billion is one stop supplier for your high precision injection mold and injection molding g needed. All our mold are according to USA SPI Mold Class 101 to 104. we can help you realize your ideals from concept to mass production with engineering production design and manufacturing feasibility improvement capacity. We have a lot of Precision Injection Mold For Plastic Connector fabrication experience. onlly at 2018 years , Asia Billion made more than 65 sets plastic connector moulds and ship out millions molding connector housing for our global customers.  If you have any precision connectors or precision injection mold similar with this, please contact us freely.

Asia Billion Precision Injection mold Process showing:

Asia Billion Precision Injection mold Process

Asia Billion Engineering and Project Capacity:

engineering and project capacity

Precision Injection Mold Workshop Overview:

Asia Billion Mold making tool shop overview

Precision Injection Mold Quality Control:

Precision Injection Quality Control

Packing and Logistics:

Packing and logistics

Precision Injection mold design and processing key points

Thinking about the design of precision Injection molds:

1: The shape and dimensional accuracy of the molded article, the direction of movement of the resin, the transmission of the injection pressure, and the solidification of the resin to be filled. As a precision mold designer, you need to know the product requirements, which is also the source of precision mold design. So the request for the product must be well known.

2: The characteristics of the molded article of the object, there is a very systematic list of the characteristics of the molded article, mainly in terms of data, the shape of the molded article, and some details on the design of the precision mold below.

3: Construction of precision molds

The construction of precision molds is different from that of ordinary molds. There may be several construction design plans for ordinary molds, but precision molds and some constructions can have certain effects, so some construction plans for precision molds may be demanding. 

4: rigidity and strength of the mold

My personal experience is that the rigidity of the mold is very important. I often see that the mold and internal mold data of some molds are very weak. I can only say that maybe his mold can be used, but some products have problems with the mold. Intensity has a very close relationship and is sometimes difficult to find. If the strength of the precision mold is to keep the mold from breaking, I think this is a very unreasonable idea, and it is also a lack of performance in the precision mold design experience.

5: Injection Point and runners are important elements in controlling products. The precision mold has a certain request for the way of feeding the product, and the glue point is made a good point, and the product will have an image-like effect.

6: mold temperature control

Precision molds are controlled at a uniform temperature. It is necessary to set the temperature difference required for the direction of resin activity, and countermeasures should be made regarding the change in the thickness of the meat. When the molded product is released from the mold, the temperature of the mold portion of the product portion is uniform. This requires a reasonable mold cooling system.

7: The precision of precision molds is very high, and the processing method adopted by the processing molds is very important. According to the shape of the molded product, the mold cavity is divided, and the slow wire and mirror spark machine are very commonly used. Therefore, we must think about the processing method when designing.

8: It is reasonable to construct the precision mold, and it is necessary to consider the preparation scheme. If a plan is not ideal after the test, it is necessary to take a post-compensation plan.

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