Plastic Terminal Connector Injection Mould

Plastic Terminal Connector Injection Mould

Asia Billion is high precision injection mold maker and molding company in China for global market. we are the expert for the plastic terminal connector injection mould and molding production. This project come from our USA customer. Totally are 5 sets mould. We have the capacity for different type plastic connector or plastic terminal injection tooling making with 0.02 mm part dimension tolerance with 0.005 mm mold steel dimension tolerance. Here we hope to be your partner and supplier too if you need to find some good ones.

Product Details

  Connectors also known as terminal and sockets. Its function is to build a bridge of communication between blocked or isolated circuits in the device, so that it can connect the electricity and realize the production functions.

 The production process for connectors includes plastic connector injection mould making, injection molding, stamping, electroplating, assembly, testing and packaging. The manufacture of connector molds belongs to the field of high precision machining. The form and structure of connectors are ever-changing, which brings many new personalized process requirements to the processing.

The numerous groove corners on the structure of the connector mold are tiny and complex, which is the most important processing points and difficulty in its manufacture. It has strictly requirements on the processing of the corners, sharp edges, dimensions and surface roughness.

The current plastic connector terminal injection mould mainly has the following characteristics:


1) High processing accuracy requirements: a mold are generally composed of cavity, core and mold frames, and some may also need many small insert to form a big one. Therefore, the combination of the upper and lower molds, the combination of the inserts and the cavity, and the combination between the modules require high processing accuracy. The dimensional accuracy of precision molds often reaches micron level.

2) Complex shape: some products such as 5G base station connectors, automotive connectors, mobile phone backplane connectors, etc., the shape is composed by a variety of curved surfaces, so the mold cavity surface is very complicated too;

3) Many processes: various processes such as milling, boring, drilling, reaming and tapping are mainly used in mold making process;

4) Corrosion resistance and wear resistance: The surface treatment layer of metal structural parts and contact parts may produce galvanic corrosion, which affects the physical and electrical properties of the connector, and needs to have good corrosion resistance. The connector is a cycle of one insertion and one extraction. During repeated cycles, the wear resistance of the connector must be guaranteed;

5) High efficiency requirements: Most connector molds are small pieces and many varieties,  the delivery time is short to meet the market requirement.

Asia Billion Company Building:

Asia Billion company building

  From the perspective of segmentation, the largest application market for connectors is in the automotive and communications industries. With the new round of popularization of 5G and new energy vehicles, it will inject new growth momentum into the connector market.


  Connectors are an important part of communication equipment. Mobile communication base stations, base station controllers, mobile switching networks and joint all use a large number of connectors with different specifications and functions, such as radio frequency connectors, power connectors, and backplane connections. Connectors, input/output connectors, printed circuit board connectors, etc.

  The automotive connector market is one of the largest segments of the global connector market, accounting for about 23% of the global connector market. At present, there are more than one hundred types of connectors used in automobiles, and the number of connectors used in a car is up to several hundred. The new energy vehicles have a high degree of electrification, and internal power currents and information currents are intricate. Therefore the demand for connectors and wiring harness products is higher than that of traditional vehicles.

  Through years of hard work, Asia Billion has successfully helped our customers develop more than 1,000 sets of  plastic connector injection molds and hundreds of millions of products. At the same time, we also gained a lot of experience to help us become a plastic connector terminal injection mould manufacturing industry leader and Nova. All Asia Billion connector mold steels are made of imported from Germany and Sweden steel such as S136 and Viking. Fast and efficient response speed, cost-effective solutions and manufacturing capabilities, excellent stable quality control and sustained supply capabilities, these are the big differences between Asia billion and other companies. 

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