Optical Plastic Injection Moulding

Optical Plastic Injection Moulding

This is a high polishing glossary optical plastic injection moulding project for our customer.super tiny feature with is just 0.1 to 0.2 mm. it need our electroforming technology to realize the it.if you are seeking a high quality, high precise injection mold maker and molding company, Asia Billion is the very correct one for you.

Product Details

This is a very special project fro one of our new customer,  they find some suppliers which can realize this optical plastic injection moulding tools, but they are the Japanese mold makers and their price is around 5 times doubles of us. then they choose some other suppliers in China local which have very low price in order to save cost which can they can do it well too, they try to make the mold and can't get the tinny feature inspection and optical reflection and refingence. because they just can use the mirror EDM machining, it is good but not enough,  and can't get the correct results too.  this project last long time and still can't working . Then they come back to Asia Billion again to make the mold cavities with our suggestion to use electro-forming technology and we are quite success for this project.  we have capacity to make the tiny feature minimum up to 0.05 mm.   until now we had made for than 5 optical plastic molding tool making project for out this customer.

Production details: 


optical injection molding

Core  surface finish:

SPI A0 polishing and matt finishing

Production  Material:


Cavity  surface finish:

SPI A0 polishing and matt finishing

No of  Cavities:


Injection  System

one drop hot nozzle

Core  Material:

Stravax super ESR

Type of gate:

edge gate

Cavity  Material:

Stravax super ESR

Cycle time:

40 s

Slider  material:


Lead time  for T1

6 weeks


Hot Oil

Shot life:

50 000

Mold price:

USD 25000


PE film bags and Carton

Product Characters:

1) Super price project which need to control to mold steel to 0.005 mm

2)   SPI A0 high glossary optical plastic injection moulding production

3)   Super tiny features which is just 0.1 mm

4)  Special testing for lighting

 Asia Billion Advantages for this project:

1) High precision injection tooling maker with some core technologies, such as the electro-forming technology

2)   We are trustable and honest , we never cheat or boast to our customer if we don't have the capacity. we only tell the truth and reasonable solution with cost. so we should be your best choosing for long time supply chain management

3)   We have capacity that can make some small feature which is less than 0.1 mm.  99% of our china local competitors don't have this capacity.

5) Excellent experience for high polishing and optical molding production from small to middle size.

Asia Billion Injection mould tooling plant pictures:

Asia Billion Injection mould tooling plant overview

Asia Billion Injection mould quality control:

Plastic Injection Tooling Quality Control


What is the electro-forming process?

 Electro-forming is a process of electrodepositing metal on the surface of a mandrel and then separating the two pieces to make parts. The basic principle is the same as electroplating, the difference is that the electroplated layer should be firmly combined with the substrate, and the electroformed layer should be separated from the substrate; the thickness of the electroplated layer is generally only a few microns to tens of microns, and the electroformed layer can have a few microns to several mm.

Characteristics of electroforming:

1) Accurate copy of the mold and good product consistency

2) The pattern and font of the product can be expressed with clear outline and fine texture. This attribute of this makes the electroforming process successfully used in paper money production, and later promoted to various industries.

Electroforming has the following advantages:

1) The surface shape of the core mold can be accurately copied, with high accuracy and not easy to be distorted

2) It is possible to transform the inner surface processing that is difficult or impossible to manufacture into the outer surface processing which is easy to perform, so that the accuracy of the processed parts can be greatly improved. For example, for R radius, electroforming is easy. The R angle can be 0.02mm, which is much better than the minimum R radius requirement of 0.1mm for mirror EDM.

3) It is easy to obtain multi-layer structural parts which made by different metals or combinations of metals and non-metals

4) Some materials that cannot or are not easy to weld. all of these can be electroformed. This is an extension of electro-forming.

5) There are no restrictions on the dimensions of electroformed parts. It can reach tens of meters or as small as tens of microns.

The main disadvantages of electroforming:

1) It is difficult to obtain an electroformed layer with a uniform thickness on the surface of the parts surface with a complex profile. However, it can be compensated by machining the surface.

2) Due to the good reproducibility of the electroformed layer on the surface of the mold core, the defects such as scratches on its surface will also be copied to the electroformed products too. it need to polishing or reworking.

3) The production cycle is long, because the deposition speed is between 0.02-0.05mm per hour, so it takes a long time to process the required structure, especially complex parts. Therefore, the cost is much higher than normal machining.

4) The hardness of the material is low. The general electroformed materials are nickel, iron, copper, cobalt, manganese, chromium and other materials. The hardness of these materials is generally low and it is easy to scratch. For example, the life of this optical plastic injection moulding tooling of this project is only 50,000 shots, and only non-strongly corrosive materials such as PC can be used. If corrosive materials are used, the fine structure of the mold is easily corroded and loses its meaning.

Application of electroforming:

1) Mainly used to accurately copy the special workpieces and structures that are tiny, complex and difficult to process by other traditional methods

2) Widely used in 3c products, art products and high-definition image printing

  Asia Billion made a lot of high glossary plastic mould and moulding projects for many years with reasonable cost.  we are the expert for the high gloss plastic injection moulding parts and precision injection tooling making . if you have some troubles with your projects for the surface finishing , you can contact us freely to get our powerful support.

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