World Precision Molding Center Turns To China

- May 12, 2019-

World Precision Molding Center turns to China

   At present, China's precision mold industry has entered the forefront of the world. At present, at least 70% of China's precision mold industry is a private enterprise, which is the main force for the development of China's precision mold industry. China has gradually become a major hardware processing and exporting country in the world, and has become one of the world's largest hardware manufacturers, with a broad market and consumption potential.

   From the market point of view, the domestic market has a large demand for medium and high-grade precision molds. According to the forecast, the overall trend of the mold market is stable and upward, but domestic molds must meet the needs of users in terms of quality and delivery time. Moreover, the home appliance, automobile, and plastic products industries have the greatest demand for molds.

   In the new wave of world economic integration, China has gradually developed into a world-class manufacturing base. Guangdong, especially the Pearl River Delta region, with obvious advantages will develop into a world mold production center within ten years. In particular, the automobile industry has already driven the rapid development of China's precision mold industry and promoted the rapid transformation and upgrading of precision mold enterprises.

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