What Is The CPK ?

- Feb 21, 2017-

  CPK is the short writing of Process Capability Index .Below are the details format to tell you what it is and how to get it . It is very important to let you have a good result.   As we know if you don't control the in-process , the outgoing result is always not as what we want .  Asia Billion Industry have a strictly quality control system to be sure that we will 100 % to approval for our production with CPK documents . 

At least one academic expert recommends the following dates :

SituationRecommended minimum process capability for two-sided specificationsRecommended minimum process capability for one-sided specification
Existing process1.331.25
New process1.501.45
Safety or critical parameter for existing process1.501.45
Safety or critical parameter for new process1.671.60
Six Sigma quality process2.002.00

                     In Asia Billion , we normally use CPK for the critical dimension control for 1.67 .

Here is our Asia Billion Industry Co Limited company CPK formate for your reference . 

  Asia Billion Industry Co., Limited (ABIL) is a leading qualified plastic injection molding manufacturer, offering a range of products for a variety of industries that include the automotive, home appliance, electronic, electrical, medical, defense, construction and so on. We are also a professional manufacturer of plastic injection tooling and precision-machined products. Based in Shenzhen City of China, we have been engaged in the plastic injection molding manufacturing business for many years. We offer the professional, most cost-effective, quick reaction, high quality molding and tooling services all over the world with different approach to plastic solutions.  If you have any plastic injection molding project , we will be a good choice for you .

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Asia Billion Plastic Injection molding production quality control reference

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