What Is Plastic Injection Molding

- Dec 05, 2016-

Plastic Injection Molding: Redefining Plastic Usage in Diverse Industry Segments


Injection molding is a modern manufacturing process where materials are injected to a mold to form a part. A variety of materials, such as metals, confections, glasses, elastomer, and most commonly thermoplastic and thermosetting polymers, are used in this process. When using plastic, the process is called Plastic Injection Molding. 

The injection molding process works by placing the material for the part to a heated barrel, and after the material melts, it is forced into a mold. After the material cools down and gets hardened, it takes the form of the mold. There are numerous plastic injection molding manufacturers who make a host of products using the injection molding technique, catering to different industry segments. 

The medical injection molding industry employs the injection molding technique to manufacture medical devices and components. The technology is being used to produce a range of components—from micro-sized parts to full-fledged medical devices. Plastic manufacturing has revolutionized a lot of industries, and the medical industry is one of them, where efficiency, cost and functionality are key factors. The medical industry is one of the industries that have reaped huge benefits from plastic—and thanks to plastic injection molding, the industry is benefiting more than ever before. The tremendous traction that plastic has gained in the medical industry is due to several factors, including its lightweight quality, sturdiness, for being cost effective and for being reasonably quick to manufacture.Plastic injection molding manufacturing companies are quick to cash on the growing popularity of plastic injection molding in diverse industry segments. In medical industry, they offer high quality and affordable plastic medical tools, even surgical equipment. The fact that plastic is such a versatile material, and it is relatively easy to put it to use, has garnered it much attention as a possible replacement of stainless steel in some cases.

Injection molding is redefining the plastic industry, allowing the material to be used in industrial processes which would have otherwise been impossible to do.

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