What Is JIT ?

- Dec 05, 2016-

What is JIT ?


Just in time is the stockless production or zero inventories or supermarket production. It is invented by Toyota Group at the 60s of 20th century. At the 1973 years world economic crisis, it is very helpful for them to get through the crisis and in later time , it is become popular in the western companies . And in our automotive plastic injection molding manufacturing industry, it is becoming more and more popular.

The Japanese study the automotive industry of UnitedStateand find them they are very strong but there are still many defaults which need to improve to meet the competitive marketing.  With in this background , the Toyota Group in 1953 years colligate the one-piece-flow and mass production feature and advantages to create this many P/Ns , small volume , high quality and low wastage mode of production , So we call it Juts In Time ( short write as  JIT).

The JIT system help the Japan Automotive industry growing very fast like give them a wing. Now it is one of the most important mode of production in the world.

Just In Time is that we need to put the right quantity components in the right production line in right time. The starting point of JIT is reducing the wastage , reduce the stock level and keep on the continuously improvement . The reason why the automotive industry become the most commercial industry all over the word , the JIT system have the strategic efficient for the automotive business.

Core concept:

 Before the JIT mode , all the automotive  use the Ford company production mode as General Total mobilization production mode . This mode has high efficient in some time but have very high wastage for the workers, equipment and sub-components.

JIT mode basic thinking is just at the needed time , needed volume and needed P/Ns, It is zero stock level or Min stock level production system. JIT thinking are the production planning control and stock management. JIT also have another name we called as “Lean Manufacturing”.

Automotive plastic injection tooling as one of the sub-industry industry of automotive OEM, it have big impact from the automotive manufacturer. The automotive Vehicle OEM ask them supplier to keep the same step updating with them. Normally there are lot of part Nos in one automotive vehicle finish good. It is hard to manage so mange part P/Ns, So many biggestPlastic Injection Molding Manufacturing Companies introduce the JIT system in their production system and get enough support from their customer to meet their requirement and now it is running very well ..

 But Plastic Injection Tooling Manufacturers in China we still in the very low management level and many injection molding companies owner dislike the JIT production system and don’t learn the concept from it . They preferred high volume and stability order to run the plant easily. But in modern competition marketing environment, the very big volume production is becoming less. The consumers prefer DIY their device.

At Asia Billion Industry Co Limited, we are a professional Plastic Injection Tooling Manufacturer inChina, we are learning and introducing the JIT system to our production management, We would like to be out runner of our China Plastic Tooling Companies to help our customers to develop their project . Contact us freely for 24 hours at : sales@ab-industry.com

 Writing By Mr Jeson Chen, The Business Director of Asia Billion Industry Co Limited. And any body who want to copy them, need to agree from us.

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