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- Mar 23, 2017-

    Asia Billion Industry Co limited  locate at South China, it is near of Hong Kong. Our modern mold facility are more than 20000 square feets  with latest equipments included High Speed CNC Machines , Wire Cut Machines, EDM Machines, Drilling machines, Milling machines and advanced test equipments. Our injection molding plant facility are around 15000 square feets equipped Japan imported molding machines.

     We pride ourselves on our ability to combine learn and efficient processes. Because of this we are constantly developing and implementing cost effective solutions, using our in-house improvement proposal plan under the ISO standards and 5S Process.

    Our modern facilities provide our customers with the most advanced tooling, injection molding components. Injection molding parts range from 40 to 800 ton, Mold size from small one to large one . The high added value & precise mold is our advantage.  As a full service company we also offer a complete range of machining services including 3 & 5 axis CNC machining, EDM, wire-erosion, surface grinding .


   Today here we show you what is control plan for your reference ?    A control plan lists all product and process inspection points required to deliver a defect-free outcome, and is essential for maintaining process control over the long run.  While the control plan example on this page is manufacturing related, the same concept can be adapted to any number of physical or transactional work processes. 


Control plans are typically Excel documents that list the product and process characteristics that must be monitored during the manufacturing process, including measurement methods and necessary reaction plans for deviant conditions.  Control plans come in a variety of formats, and the most popular is the Excel format  as our below page.

   Here is our Asia Billion Industry Co Limited design control plan format for your refefence of our old plastic injection moulding project . If you have any inquiry , please contact us freely .

ABIL Control Plan

Our Mission:

 To become one of the most important injection toolmakers in china, through establishing long-term partnerships based on integrity and ethical business practices.

 Offer the best full-service of innovative solutions to customers with a fair price.
 Lean•  Improvement • Innovation • Teamwork • Integrity • Total Customer Satisfaction


Customer Service:
Excellence in Customer Service Is Our Highest Priority.
At ABIL , we are committed to our customers and to ensuring that their every need is met.
Our customer service is based on effective, two-way communication and global views to provide tooling, molding and CNC machining  part with quality .
We value customer feedback. Customers have valuable insights to share with us.
In order to establish an effective partnership with our customers, we ensure that we are accessible to them before, during and after project is complete.
We promise a close working relationship so that our customers can easily communicate any concerns or questions what they have, and so that we can give them regular progress reports.
As part of our commitment to customer communication, we follow up to ensure complete satisfaction verify all purchase orders

Internal communication is of equal importance to our customer service goals. Effective communication .

If you need a excellent quality control plastic injection mould and plastic molding partner , please contact Asia Billion at:

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