What Factors And Influences On The Development Of China's Injection Mold Industry In 2019?

- Feb 26, 2019-

What factors and influences on the development of China's injection mold industry in 2019?

  At present, affected by various factors, the development of China's mold industry is facing various advantages and disadvantages. In terms of automobile molds, the development of China's mold industry is affected and restricted by the following factors:

  First, the stabilization of the global economy is conducive to stabilizing my foreign needs. At present, the external economic environment is weak, and the market demand is not strong enough.

  Second, the continuous adjustment of domestic policies will further support exports. Such as manufacturing tax reduction plans and export tax rebates and other measures.

  Third, keep the foreign exchange rate stable in a reasonable range. At present, foreign exchange rates fluctuate significantly, which has a large impact on bulk products or long-term orders. At present, according to the survey of relevant economic departments, the private economy thinks that the situation is obvious, the external risk ability is poor, and the ability to withstand exchange rate fluctuations is poor. At present, most of our mold and molding companies are small and medium-sized private enterprises, so we hope that the exchange rate range can be reasonably stable.

  Fourth, changes in the global export structure will help stabilize China’s exports. The state encourages enterprises to independently research and develop, and strives to take a high-tech route.

Fifth, the low cost of domestic export production is conducive to the price competitiveness of China's exports. At present, domestic raw materials, labor costs and site leasing costs are rising rapidly, but the export prices of molds are basically stable or are slowly decreasing. This poses a major challenge to China's mold export enterprises.

Sixth, trade protectionism will increase the difficulty of expanding exports, especially the CN-US trade war has a greater impact on plastic products and molds.

 The development of China's injection mold industry is affected by so many factors, and any change in one of these factors will cause huge changes in the mold industry.

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