TV Plastic Injection Mold -- Asia Billion Start Our New Business With China Local Famous Small Size TV Manufacture

- Feb 21, 2017-


    Asia Billion Industry Co Limited start our new business cooperation with China local famous small size smart TV manufacture-- Kangcai electronics in Shenzhen and Dongguan city . Kangcai is the top 3 small size TV manufactures in China and share around 10% China local market for small to middle smart TV . Now we are making the first project for the feet of the TV and the front cover and back cover and under discussion and planning.


Asia Billion Industry Co., Limited (ABIL) is a leading qualified plastic injection molding manufacturer, offering a range of products for a variety of industries that include the automotive, home appliance, electronic, electrical, medical, defense, construction and so on. We are also a professional manufacturer of plastic injection tooling and precision-machined products. Based in Shenzhen City of China, we have been engaged in the plastic injection molding manufacturing business for many years. We offer the professional, most cost-effective, quick reaction, high quality molding and tooling services all over the world with different approach to plastic solutions.

  If you have any project or if you are not sastified with your current suppliers , please don't hesitate to contact us , we will help you to get what you want .

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