TPE Material Introduction

- Jul 01, 2019-

TPE material introduction

   The tpe material is a material with high elasticity, high strength, high resilience and the characteristics of injection molding. Tpe material, a type of thermoplastic elastomer used in ordinary transparent toys, sports equipment, etc.

   It has environmental protection, non-toxic safety, wide application range, excellent coloring property, soft touch, weather resistance, fatigue resistance and temperature resistance. It has excellent processing performance, no need for vulcanization, and can be recycled to reduce costs. It can be used for double injection molding. It can be good bonding with a base material such as PP, PE, PC, PS or ABS, or it can be molded separately.

   TPE raw materials are currently the mainstream of production data lines, and are perfectly applied to electronic equipment accessories and medical devices.

Material characteristics:

1. It can be processed by general thermoplastic molding machine without special processing equipment.

2. The production efficiency is greatly improved and can be directly vulcanized by a rubber injection molding machine.

3. Easy to recycle and reduce costs. The waste generated during the production process (escape burrs, extruded scrap rubber) and the final waste products can be directly returned for reuse; used TPE old products can be recycled after simple regeneration, reduce environmental pollution, and expand the source of renewable resources.

4. Energy saving. Most thermoplastic elastomers do not require vulcanization or have a short curing time, which can save energy.

5. The application field is wider. Due to the combination of rubber and plastic, TPE opens up new applications for the rubber industry.

6. Can be used for reinforcement and toughening modification of plastics. The self-reinforcing property is large, the formula is simplified, the influence of the compounding agent on the polymer is small, and the quality performance is easier to grasp. However, the heat resistance of TPE is not as good as that of rubber. As the temperature rises, the physical properties decrease greatly, so the scope of application is limited. At the same time, compression deformation, elastic recovery, and durability are equivalent to rubber, and the price is often higher than that of similar rubber. Despite this, the advantages of TPE are still outstanding, and various new TPE products are constantly being developed. As a new energy-saving and environmentally friendly raw material for rubber, the development prospects are very promising.

  Product performance: better transparency, flexibility and relatively low price, with a broad design space.

  Transparency series applications: medical equipment, high-grade, high-transparent toys, adult products, suction cup materials, sports equipment and seals.

  Product performance: a wide range of hardness, from super soft to 90A. Excellent transparency, gloss, and a comfortable feel. It has good UV resistance, weather resistance and high temperature resistance, and it is used for outdoor use for a long time.

   Most of Asia Billion's medical injection mold projects use TPE for encapsulation, so in the past few decades of experience, we have a deep understanding of TPE materials and accumulated a wealth of knowledge. If you need to find a professional TPE plastic molding manufacturer, especially medical equipment projects, Asia Billion will be your best choice. Please contact us freely at:

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