The Influence Of Three Industrial Transitions To China

- Mar 31, 2017-

The Influence of Three Industrial Transitions to China



   The study of world industrial development is clear that the third industry in the world industrial industry has already begun. The first time is to complete the industrialization of European and American countries, master the core technology in the field of industrial manufacturing, they have mastered the core technology at the same time also developed industrial standards, began to Japan, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other Asian areas of industrial manufacturing. After the rapid development of these countries to complete the industrialization, began to master the core technology, and industry standards and some of the core technology is still in Europe and the United States, in this process Japan and South Korea mastered a large number of core technologies and brands. It was done for the first time that industrial manufacturing was transferred. With China's reform and opening up China began to introduce a large number of foreign investment, a large number of low-end industrial manufacturing by the Asian countries to China. This is the second industry transfer , the difference is Europe and the United States and Japan in the transfer industry at the same time, everywhere to protect their core technology and continue to invest in technology research and development to maintain their own national competitive advantage, only to China to transfer low-end and outdated technology equipment. Will be high pollution and low value of the industry to China, in the process of China did not grasp the core technology. For example: Japan has strict restrictions on the transfer of high-tech to China, firmly maintain their competitive advantage, technological and technological strength and create a large number of world-renowned brands, and even industry monopoly. China's reform and opening up 30 years, the manufacturing industry has also been a big development, after in-depth analysis of the Chinese government has a lot of mistakes, the core technology research and development efforts is not enough, did not support the world-class core technology brand enterprises. With the deepening of China's 'one-way policy', Chinese enterprises are going to go out and move China's manufacturing to these underdeveloped countries. China's cost increases too fast, low-end manufacturing will not survive, high-end manufacturing without core technology, Standards, but also the lack of get out and have the international competitiveness of the brand. Large brand enterprises are basically by the population dividends monopoly to earn profits of the enterprise, big and not real. China's most cattle private enterprises are basically the public debt of the real estate business, so the third industrial transfer of China will face a huge challenge, the economy is not optimistic ah! Low-end transfer out, and do not grasp the high-end core technology, how to build foothold in China? Europe and the United States has a brand and super innovation capability, Japan and South Korea has a strong industrial manufacturing core technology, what is China to participate in global competition?


    At present, China's production capacity is seriously over, the country in the construction of enterprises in the relocation, coastal manufacturing developed areas to try to upgrade through the upgrade to improve efficiency, which resulted in more serious overcapacity, China's manufacturing industry development period has passed, the era of business pain. How can China remove such a large excess capacity? The leadership of the state made a 'one way' development ideas, is a very good direction of development. Through product exports and industrial transfer to digest the serious excess capacity in the future, the future development of Chinese enterprises to be transferred to the 'one way' country. Through a period of 'one way' market inspection, these countries generally industrial backwardness, have increased the import tariffs on Chinese products, to encourage domestic manufacturing, China's low-end manufacturing has a technical advantage in the short term, once these countries have mastered the basic industry, 10 years or so made in China will not have any advantage. Low-end manufacturing transfer, high-end manufacturing without master the core technology, innovation and research and development capabilities, all aspects of continuous improvement in cost, manufacturing in China will be in a very difficult situation. China in the next 10 years should vigorously develop the core technology of industrial mother machine, sit in the field of manufacturing core technology, foster a large number of core technology to master a large group of enterprises, made in China have hope.

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