The Fifth Industry Shift Of The World Economy

- May 17, 2017-

The Fifth Industry shift of the World Economy

    The transfer of this industry began in 2012 (2012 is an important turning point in the Chinese economy), from China to the United States, Europe, Japan, Southeast Asia and other countries. According to the law of industrial transfer, will last 20 to 30 years or even longer.

 The fifth industry shift reasons:

    After the reform and opening up, the rapid rise of China's manufacturing industry, the rapid development of technology, especially from 1992 to 2002, China's inhibition of real estate investment, to promote the accumulation of resources to the manufacturing industry, making a large number of outstanding manufacturing enterprises stand out - that time well-known Entrepreneurs are basically from the manufacturing industry.

    However, in 2003, after the real estate as a pillar industry, China's industrial structure has undergone enormous changes:

    From the pursuit of advanced technology, began to focus on real estate launched around the high energy consumption of low-end industry development, the real estate industry to become the most profitable industry, valuable resources and talent from the manufacturing industry to focus on real estate, not only caused by steel, cement and other low A serious surplus of the industry, but also makes the opportunity to become more and more high-quality manufacturing in China, many people turn off the factory to join the real estate co-ordination - to do more than a decade of factory fried money, is the most clear value guide signal. This time, the most famous entrepreneurs are basically real estate boss.

   Real estate continued to make money to destroy the dream of China's manufacturing industry to upgrade - from the global economy, no country can speculation in the popular at the same time there are countless people in the manufacturing industry to upgrade. Germany prices for decades did not change, only the achievements of the German manufacturing industry's leading edge.

    Japan in the last century, there have been room prices continued to surge in the stage, this stage also brought to Japan a very negative impact: continued for 20 years has not yet ended the recession. But since then stable housing prices to Japan's manufacturing technology to maintain the advantages. If there is no real estate bubble burst, Japan's technical advantage may have been lost.

The continued rise in housing prices continues to make China's manufacturing industry no longer have the advantage - high prices lead to China's production, management, life costs soared, many low-end manufacturing industry began to transfer to Southeast Asian countries - this means Reduced domestic opportunities, reduced employment, and so on.

   On the other hand, the rapid development of robotic technology, led by Japan and the United States, and the development of advanced technologies such as 3D printing technology led by the United States have reduced the use of labor force, which has greatly compensated the high labor cost of developed countries. Leading to high-end industries from China to the United States, Japan, Europe and other developed economies back.

In other words, the export of the fifth industry is China, and the output of the two-way: low-end industries to Southeast Asia-related countries, high-end industries to the United States, Japan, Europe and other developed economies .

   According to the law of industrial transfer, this industry transfer of the duration of at least 20 years or even more than 30 years. This will have a far-reaching impact on China's future development, we can refer to Japan in the two industries after the great dilemma faced to know that we (China is a two-in-one transfer, once completed two transfer routes in Japan) Is facing the challenge.

    Not only the real economy, such as currency exchange rate, stock market, property market, etc., will be deeply affected by this power .It must be emphasized that most of the previous industrial transfers were shifted from developed countries or regions to underdeveloped countries or regions, while the fifth industrial transfer was from developed countries to developed countries, from developed countries The same less developed countries transfer, belonging to the dual consumption of industrial transfer model. This will be more obvious about the blood effects of the Chinese economy.

     Of course, we have the positive strength of the news network, and governments at all levels have a wealth of experience in maintaining the real estate industry, and we have every reason to believe that China will be able to meet in any perfect way, , So that China in this vigorous shift in the industry can be elusive, not only without damage can become a beneficiary - this is my Chinese dream.


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