The Development Of The Mold Industry Directly Affects The Future Of China's Industrial Power

- Mar 14, 2019-

The development of the mold industry directly affects the future of China's industrial power

     "China must realize the dream of manufacturing a strong country, and the mold must go first." The Secretary General of the International Model Association pointed out that from the die-casting of the heart generator of the automobile to the stamping parts of the automobile body, from the hot stamping die of the new material super steel plate to the core of the car The localization of parts requires mold driving. It can be said that mold equipment is an important part of automobile equipment.

    In the home appliance industry, the importance of the mold industry is also growing. For example, the manufacture of a refrigerator requires 150 to 200 molds, one air conditioner requires about 50 molds, and one washing machine requires about 60 molds.

    In terms of people's livelihood, in fact, molds in the aerospace industry, which are related to national strategic security, also play a vital role. The aviation manufacturing sector now places more demands on lightweighting. How to meet this demand, you must do your homework on sheet metal equipment and interiors.

    According to incomplete statistics, there are only 200 sets of interior parts and molds for a car, and the output value of mold parts can reach 100 million yuan. At present, China Mould Industry Association is organizing relevant enterprises to research and develop materials selection, product structure analysis and design, mold design and manufacturing, and final product assembly technology for interior parts, and realize the industrial application of complete sets of interior parts technology.

     Due to the high precision, consistency and beautiful appearance of the products formed by the mold, it has been increasingly used in the manufacture of structures and interior parts of ships, ships and high-speed trains. In addition, the production process can be realized, large quantities and materials, energy saving, so the mold is often praised as the mother of modern industrial production. Therefore, in order to become an industrial power, it is necessary to increase the cultivation of mold talents.

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