SPI-SPE Plastic Injection Mold Clasifications And Standards

- May 17, 2019-

SPI-SPE Plastic Injection Mold clasifications and standards:


 SPI/SPE   Injection Mold Class

Production level ( cycles)




Class 101 Mold

1 million or   more


Extremely high

Extremely high   production and fast cycle times

Class 101   molds are the highest priced and made with only the highest quality materials

Class 102 Mold

Not exceeding   1 million


Medium to high

Good for parts   with abrasive materials and/or tight tolerances

Class 102   molds are fairly high priced and made with materials of high quality

Class 103 Mold

Not exceeding   500,000



A very popular   mold for low to medium production parts


Class 103   molds fall within common price ranges

Class 104 Mold

Not exceeding   100,000



Good for   limited-production parts with non-abrasive materials

Class 104   molds fall within low to moderate price ranges. For common mold with low   volume

Class 105 Mold

Not exceeding   500


Very low


Prototype only   with low cost

Class 105   molds are built inexpensively to produce a very limited number of product   prototypes, and can’t have special requirements for surface finishing and   high precision dimension

    Asia Billion are a small/middle size professional injection tooling & injection molding manufacture as well as metal machined components in South China .Our stability quality, Lower price and good service has given our customer a big confidence to new production development and market competition . ISO 9001 certified and TS 16949 compliance, each project  with competitive price and quality assurance. We can make all the 5 types plastic injection mold with our customer for global reach.  And we also have the capacity for the 3d printing samples and 3d printing injection mold for fast new production validation and approval.


Our main advantages as below :


1) Lower Price and better quality control  to save your cost for better marketing competition

2) Good customer service with quicker response

3) Early Project mechanical researching involved capacity for new production development

4) shorter Lead time  stronger engineering team for mold design , mold simulation and quality assurance( DFM , full mold drawings, Mold flow simulation report can be provided )

5) all the requirements of certifications can be provided

6) Good knowledge for resin, steel and mechanical production design , we can help you optimize your project

7) High educated management team with long time working experience with oversea companies and all can speaking English

8) High precision injection mold and over mold is our big advantages than others ( Min tolerance for production can be +/-0.02mm, mold tolerance can be 0.005mm)

9) Good experience and understanding for SPI class 101 to 105 medical injection mold making classification

10) Small to middle size manufacturing and only service for high quality customer, we are easier to working with customer and smart enough.

11) we are fasting growing and smart or flexible enough for different demanding or some emergency conditions.

12) Good supply chain experience with Medical device , automotive , electronic or others industry OEM companies

Contact us freely at : 

Asia Billion Innovational Technology Limited

ADD:  Building 9 , Wantou Industrial Park, Hongxing Village,SongGang Town, Shenzhen City, China    518105
E-mail: sales@ab-industry.com 
Phone: 0086-134 8063 8827
Website: www.ab-industry.com  www.ab-industry.net

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