Selection Of Standard Mold Base For Injection Mold

- Mar 25, 2019-

Selection of standard mold base for injection mold

   As we all know, the use of molds for molds saves time and helps to improve mold life. The stamping die has a stamped mold base, and the plastic mold has a mold base of a plastic mold. In the mold industry park, there are generally local mold base factories and large-scale national mold base distribution points, such as Longji, Mingli and so on. Plastic mold design engineers generally know that the design standards for plastic mold bases include Japan's FUTABA (Fu Deba), Hong Kong's Long Kee, Germany's HASCO (Has Kao), the United States' DME, and Singapore's heavy village. Longji's mold base market share is relatively high, and there are more specialty stores. There are production bases in Guangzhou, Shanghai and Zhejiang. The mold base is exported to Hong Kong, the United States, France, Japan and other places. The materials used by Long Kee are made in China and imported, and each of his boards basically has to be tested for hardness, so you will see that each board has a test point. However, some templates of the Longji mold frame are finely milled and the surface is rough.

   Fudeba's formwork is mainly used in the manufacture of more sophisticated plastic molds, such as terminal connectors. Previously, it was only used in Shenzhen. The materials used were mainly Japan's ASUS S55C, and the formwork was exported to Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia. South Korea and other places. The formwork is mainly used in the Pearl River Delta. Due to the rapid development of molds in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, the market potential is large, and later a production base was established in Kunshan. Compared with Longji mold frame No. 45 steel, Fudeba mold frame material will be better, and the fine frame is better than Longji, the price is about 15% higher than Longji.

   The price of the formwork depends largely on the material requirements of the formwork. The formwork is not uniform and can only be made of certain materials. It can also be customized according to the requirements, but the relative cost of customization will be higher. The same reason, the specifications of the formwork are also decided. A major factor in the price of the mold base, the Longji mold base, the mold racks produced by the company have many ready-made stocks, all of which are produced in batches. The relative production cost will be lower, and the natural price will also have advantages. . In the mold frame ordering, many plastic mold factory engineers are easy to walk into a misunderstanding, thinking that Longji's mold frame price must be higher than other small brands, in fact, for some standard mold embryos, Long Ji uses their batch Production advantages to effectively reduce prices, and can be readily available.

   Why do export molds are more consistent with Longji and Mingli? On the one hand, the mold blank materials they produce are more secure, and secondly there are relatively mature technologies. The straight angle of each plate and the coordination of the guide bush guide sleeves are strictly tested. Compared with the mold base produced by the small brand mold base factory, the management control system is not perfect enough, and there is no professional after-sales customer service personnel, which brings hidden dangers to the progress of plastic mold manufacturing and subsequent mass production.

   All of Asia Billion's molds use LKM or DME or Hasco standard mold bases, and also accept customer's branding requirements. If you need a reliable injection molding and mold supplier, please feel free to contact us.

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