Precision Plastic Injection Mold

- Mar 26, 2017-


       Asia Billion Industry Co. Limited is a fast growing Precision Plastic Injection Mold manufacture and a provider of plastic injection molds and injection molded component for a variety of industries including Medical, Automotive, Home-appliance, Electronic, Electric, Furniture, Toy, Construction, Heavy Industry, Household appliances, Defense & Aerospace.

We are one of the prominent plastic injection tooling manufacturers in China, offering high quality product and cost effective rates. Our focus on innovation and quality, together with our excellent engineering capabilities, allow us to provide unparalleled value for money to our clients as well as enable us to complete projects in record time.

Asia Billion Industry Co. Limited has a critical quality assurance program, covering the length and breadth of our service—from manufacturing to logistics. The program involves repeatedly testing and re-testing the quality the products during all stages of production, ensuring superior quality. We apply the same standards while shipping your products to you, taking the logistical nightmare off your shoulder.

We have a huge collection of injection molded plastic and rubber parts. Whether you are looking for automotive plastic injection tooling or injection molding of automotive component or any other else for plastic injection molding product, we have a product for you.

Our Advantage:

1. High quality & Competitive price
2. 45 machines with advanced equipment from Taiwan and Japanwith Strong engineering team.
3. On time delivery
4. Good After-sale service
5. Strict quality control
6. All the mould are automotic

7. Prompt reply
8. High polish, no sharp, perfect surface finish
9. Best machine & long life
10. OEM/ODM is welcomed

Offer you:
In-time response on letters, telephone calls or fax
In-time supply the quotation and mould designs
In-time communication on the technical points
In-time sending pictures for the mould machining progress and mould finishing schedule
In-time mould test and sample delivery
In-time mould delivery
In-time meet your needs

Our Mould:

1, Necessary info for a quotation:

Description of the basic information of Custom requirements

2, Plastic components' function:

Sometime it is better to tell the mold maker their functions, so that they can get your mould solution
This can help the mold maker to choose which kind of steel and which kind of injection gate, etc.

4, Plastic components drawing or 3D file:
If you have 3D design, or 2D detailed drawings for the plastic components, then it is available for getting the quotation, if you only have the plastic samples, then please do the dimension indication on the picture and send us the clear picture or send samples to us for getting a more correct quotation.

5, Plastic components quantity demands:
You can tell mold maker by every year, every month or every day how many pieces you need. Because the mold maker need this information to fix how many cavities on the quoted plastic mould. And also it help mold maker to choose the correct steel, also it will help the mold maker to optimizer your mold custom cost.

6, Molding machine tonnage or injection capacity:
This can help the mold maker to calculate the no of cavities according with your machine's size and can make sure the mold can matching your machine well.

7, Custom Mold components brand:

If you have special requirement for the custom mold components brand such like hot runner, hydraulic cylinder and so on, please do remember to tell mold maker when you sending an inquiry.

Normally Precision Plastic Injection Mold Options for mold details for your reference  as below :

 Name  Plastic injection mould
 Parts material  PC, PP, PBT, ABS, BMC, PMMA, PC+ABS, PP+TD20%, PU, PE, PVC, etc.
 Mold base steel  45#, S50C, P20, 1730. 1050. 420H
 Core&cavity steel  P20, 2738, 718h, H13, 8407, 2343, NAK80, S136, SKD61, etc.
 Injection system  Direct gate, point gate, edge gate, sub gate,valve gate, etc.
 Mould standard  DME, LKM, HASCO, ETC.
 Cavity numbers  Single or mutilcavitivies
 Runner  Hot or cold
Injection machine  50T-1000T
Cycle time 10-120 seconds
Tooling lead time 15-75 days
 Design software  UG, PRO/E,CAD, CAXA,etc.
 Quality assurance  ISO 9001-2008 and ISO TS 16949
Mould  Tolerance: 0.005 to 0.01 mm ( Min)

If you have any plastic molding project or have any question, please let me know freely .

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