Plastic Mold Production Products When The Reason Of The Brittle As A Whole

- Nov 10, 2016-

1. Injection molding machine injection and holding pressure is insufficient;
2. Back pressure is too small, raw material is not enough solid;
3. The back pressure is too great, shear and friction heat increases;
4. Shot speed too slow, not fully crystallization;
5. Mold temperature is too high, material far, decomposition, metamorphism;
6. Mold temperature is too low, not fully crystallization;
7. Injection, the holding time is insufficient;
8. Injection molding machine down time is too long and injection molding cycle is too long;
9. The loading time is too long;
10. The secondary back in the new material in proportion to add too much;
11. Raw material strength and toughness is not enough, the viscosity is not enough;
12. Additive is not reasonable, or add too much;
13. The raw material not fully drying;
14. Inside the product structure is too thick in some places, and some place are too thin, uneven, feed where consideration is not reasonable.
15. Mold material uneven, cold slug well enough;
16. The product wall thickness is too thin
17. Injection molding machine high temperature low, unstable;
18. Injection molding machine feed tube didn't clean up;
19. The ejection is unreasonable, plastic body stress increase, produce burst;
20. Plastic mold cooling loop not lined up.

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