Plastic Mold Common Problem Solution

- Nov 10, 2016-

Plastic mold should have strict standard tolerance requirement

    Plastic mold in the manufacturing process, the researchers on the casting plastic mold tolerance criteria to determine when, must have the strict operating standards, according to the plastic mould for plastic mold design to analyze specific research area of application, collect the relevant data about plastic mould in advance, the production operation skills as well as the matters needing attention of moulds and so on, for casting industry demands of different plastic mold plastic mold making, plastic mould inspection organizations concerned to set up a strict inspection standard, and after the design should have relevant technical personnel to calibration, the plastic mold products prior to casting plastic mould for production for production test, determine the plastic mold to produce a product in conformity with the production practice after the may products to mass production.

Give full consideration to plastic mold shrinkage:

   For  plastic mold shrinkage easily affected by the conditions of the characteristics of scientific research personnel in the casting plastic mold production, we must give full consideration to the use of plastic mold shrinkage coefficient, according to the casting industry adjust the mould and plastic mold manufacturing sites, shrinkage range for different different plastic mold products, in the few of the more strict requirements of production practice in to finalize the design and calibration on casting plastic mold can use a wooden or metal mold and combination of calibration, fully consider its environmental conditions change, improve the accuracy of plastic mold, at the same time when casting plastic mould processing can add resistance to high temperature in casting plastic mould materials and compressive strength of the material, as to reduce the shrinkage rate of plastic mold change, make the products more able to adapt to more complex environment. Improved production methods and improve the precision.

  Plastic  injection mould in the traditional manufacturing mode shape is far cannot meet the development needs for the current plastic mold development meets the needs of the current production of the birth of one mould manufacturing method, but in order to adapt to the rapid development of science and technology and industry in the process of plastic mold production to innovative production methods, adding new means of innovation, the traditional casting method combined with digital program-controlled equipment operation, it can not only save materials to a great extent, the most important is to guarantee the high precision plastic mold, effectively improve the accuracy of the plastic mould, make the mould standard parts using coverage and die commercialization rate has significantly increased, the proportion of the hot runner mold has improved greatly. New material research and development related to casting plastic mold

   Plastic mould manufacturing is not only with the traditional single manufacturing raw materials to other cooperate fully the development of advanced materials, in this respect our country should fully draw lessons from foreign advanced manufacturing technology, developed to join additives in plastic mould, increase the accuracy of the casting plastic mold, increase the heat resistance, compression casting plastic mold of the bear ability, enhance the investment, scientific research and technology to produce low cost and high value of plastic mold, make new plastic mold more rich industrial manufacturing, produce more valuable products.

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