Plastic Injection Molding

- Nov 10, 2016-

Asia Billion Industry is a qualified Plastic Injection Molding Manufacturers with ISO9001 and TS16949 standard . Low cost and high quality is our big advantage than others . Great successful experience for automotive & medical device new Plastic injection molding production development .

we have strictly process control for each step ( from concept, simulation , DFM, tooling design , tooling fabrication, mold trial , tooling improvement , samples approval to final production).

Good communication with customer is our special tool to make sure everything within expectation. Many deviations are always caused due to lacking of enough communication. this is what we are well and why we always win the plastic injection molding project from our competitors.

Although we are not a very big plastic injection molding company, but we are trying to setup our global presence with our partner cooperation at Europe and America. Our partners are all experienced for plastic injection molding industry and do welling at current competition market . It is very important for our global project tracking and aftermarket convenience service with global viewing.

Asia Billion have the excellent capacity to cooperate with the middle size multi-national company all over the world. Asia Billion management team have many years working experience in those companies. we know well for their concerns. we can exactly understand what is criterions  and procedures for our customer and project development .

Flexible agreement with convenient logistics such as VMI ( Vendor Material Implementation).

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