Plastic Injection Mold Manufacturer

- Mar 25, 2017-

    Asia Billion Industry Co. Limited is a fast growing Chinese plastic tooling company and a provider of plastic injection molds and injection molded component for a variety of industries including Medical, Automotive, Home-appliance, Electronic, Electric, Furniture, Toy, Construction, Heavy Industry, Household appliances, Defense & Aerospace.

  We are one of the prominent plastic injection tooling manufacturers in China, offering high quality product and cost effective rates. Our focus on innovation and quality, together with our excellent engineering capabilities, allow us to provide unparalleled value for money to our clients as well as enable us to complete projects in record time.

  Asia Billion Industry Co. Limited has a critical quality assurance program, covering the length and breadth of our service—from manufacturing to logistics. The program involves repeatedly testing and re-testing the quality the products during all stages of production, ensuring superior quality. We apply the same standards while shipping your products to you, taking the logistical nightmare off your shoulder.

  We have a huge collection of injection molded plastic and rubber parts. Whether you are looking for automotive plastic injection tooling or injection molding of automotive component or any other else for plastic injection molding product, we have a product for you. Please browse through our range.

Hong Kong Address:

Asia Billion Industry Co., Limited ( Register No: 1367250)

Tel: 00852-81324111                   Fax: 00852-81690207

Shenzhen factory Address: 

Shenzhen Yongyin Technologies Co.,LTD
Asia Billion Industry Co., Limited

Address: Building 9 Wantou Industrial Park, Hong Xing Village, Song Gang Town, Shenzhen City, China 518105 
Website:  ;   

Tel:0086-134 8063 8827           Fax:0086-755-2997 3616 
     0086-755-3386 0380                   0086-755-3386 0385

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