AUBERT & DUVAL PLASTA Injection Mold Steel Introduction

- Jul 12, 2019-

AUBERT & DUVAL PLASTA injection mold steel introduction

    AUBERT & DUVAL PLASTAL is a pre-hardened high-performance mirror plastic mold steel with excellent purity. The best polishing effect can be achieved by adding nickel. Even the large size of this steel has its core. The hardness of the steel does not decrease, and the cross section of the steel can also have good uniformity. Special smelting techniques also give it good machinability. It is especially suitable for plastic molds, mechanical engineering and mold parts that require extremely high polishing and fatigue strength.

Steel elements:

Content (%):0.550.5n/a1.00.4

   PLASTAL plastic mold steel has obvious advantages in practical economy and technical reliability, better quality, longer service life, higher safety, no heat treatment, and eliminates the risk of scrapping materials due to heat treatment, so that each mold can be produced. More plastic parts.

   The high machinability of Oberda PLASTAL plastic tool steel allows for higher tool cutting speeds and faster feed rates, which means your machine can process more molds per unit of time. Good polishing performance and EDM performance and photo-etching help save more processing time, while reducing the risk of cracking during wire cutting and giving the plastic product a good surface finish.

   The smooth chip removal performance during processing makes the machining center more secure, and the colorless toughness ensures that the mold has a high resistance to cracking during use. Improved machining performance, reduced machining time and reduced tooling costs. The supply state is pre-hardened and no heat treatment is required, as the heat treatment costs are saved and the subsequent machining costs are eliminated.

   Oberdur PLASTAL tool steel is widely used in the production of large plastic molds, mold frames for injection molds, general mechanical engineering and parts on tools, and other industries and molds.

The vacuum remelting smelting technology gives the Oberda PLASTAL plastic mold steel a very high purity, which has a positive impact on the polishing of large-size molds and complex molds. The extremely high heat transfer performance guarantees a shortened injection molding cycle, which in turn increases the efficiency of the injection mold.

   Similar grades in other regions: EN: 55CrNiMoV5* / AFNOR: 55CrNiMoV5*.

The mold steel has been heat treated before delivery and has a hardness of approximately 400 HBS (tensile strength of approximately 1400 N / mm 2 ).

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