PA9T Material Characteristics And Application

- Mar 11, 2019-

PA9T material characteristics and application


  PA9T is an original polyamide engineering technology plastic developed by Kuraray from raw materials. It is a molding material that has excellent heat resistance, chemical resistance, and slidability that can withstand repeated friction characteristics.



   Performance outperforms standard nylon in some major respects, including: providing the same strength and toughness under dry and wet conditions, while still maintaining effective strength and toughness at higher temperatures than standard nylon. Easy to process----good fluidity, thermal stability and low mold corrosion; high performance nylon with high thermal stability and high lubricity, low water absorption (1%, other common high temperature nylon is 2.6% or more ), low warpage, chemical resistance, high dimensional stability material, can achieve 94V-0 effect at 0.75mm thickness. PA9T's high glass transition temperature (125 ° C) and high crystallinity make it good toughness at high temperatures, better than PA66 and PA46, and its abrasion resistance and friction coefficient are much better than other nylons, even more than POM and LCP. . Another excellent performance of PA9T is resistance to chemicals and oils, alcohols, acids and calcium chloride, hot water and other fluids, almost all than PA, only slightly worse than PPS, and the barrier to fuel is PA6 and PA12 Ten times the level of ETFE (ethylene-tetrachloroethylene copolymer), these excellent properties make PA9T very suitable for automotive hood products. PA9T has glass fiber-free and glass-containing (33%, 45%, 50%) and fireproof specifications, and has great potential for market applications such as automotive hoods and electrical and electronic products.



1: Nylon series resin has the lowest water absorption.

2: Dimensional stability does not cause dimensional changes due to water absorption and mechanical strength.

3: High heat resistance, 280 degrees over tin test will not produce bubbles, but also for lead-free solder with higher use temperature.

4: Good fluidity, suitable for thin meat formation.

5: Low gas gas, less than other nylon resin, it is less likely to pollute and corrode the mold, and prolong the use of the mold.

6: The crystallization speed is fast and the cooling time is short.

7: In the high temperature environment, the mechanical strength, the rigidity is less reduced, the strength of the bonding wire, and the recovery property is good.


Injection molding process

  The packaging material is made of aluminum moisture-proof bag, which can be formed immediately after opening. However, particles naturally placed after opening will cause an increase in water content due to moisture absorption and need to be re-dried. For the conditions of re-drying, if a hot air dryer is used, please use 120 ° C for about 5 hours as a reference standard. In addition, the upper limit of the drying temperature is recommended to be 140 ° C, and the drying time is recommended to be within 4 hours.

Molding conditions:

Melting point: 306 ° C

Recommended barrel temperature: 310 ~ 330 °C

Glass transition temperature: 125 ° C

Recommended mold temperature 130-150 ° C

1. Drying: between 130 ° C / 3-4 hours

2, injection temperature: 290 ~ 310 ° C

3, mold temperature: 130 ~ 150 ° C



Mainly used in various electronic products, connectors, connectors, card holders, etc. Suitable for electronic connectors that require SMT (especially suitable for lead-free soldering) are widely used in computers, digital cameras, mobile phones, etc. PA9T is widely used in the field of electronic devices such as personal computers, digital cameras, and mobile phones, and is widely used in memory connectors and charging inlets (connectors). In addition, due to environmental problems, the use of lead-free "lead-free solder" in the soldering of electronic parts has been widely used, so the high heat resistance of the Japanese Kura GENESTAR has been widely praised. In addition to heat resistance and slidability, PA9T is also focused on chemical resistance and actively promotes the application of this product in a wider range of automotive parts.


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