New Trends In Manufacturing Strategy In Major Developed Countries

- Mar 22, 2017-

New Trends in Manufacturing Strategy in Major Developed Countries


 After the financial crisis, many countries launched the strategy of manufacturing power


After the international financial crisis in 2008, many countries began to re-focus on manufacturing in order to find new ways to promote economic growth. The United States, Germany, Britain and other industries have launched a national strategy. The United States, Germany, Japan and other countries will focus on a new generation of the Internet, biotechnology, new energy, high-end production as the representative of the seven strategic emerging industries, launched a new round of growth competition, trying to seize a new round of economic The strategic high of growth.


Since then, the United States, Germany, Japan, South Korea has launched a number of policy measures to encourage and hold the development of strategic emerging industries.


For example, the US government has promulgated the National Strategic Plan for Advanced Manufacturing, the US Innovation Strategy: Promoting Sustainable Growth and High-Quality Employment, and the Export Doubling Program, which gives priority to supporting high-tech clean energy industries and developing Biological industry, a new generation of Internet industry, the revitalization of the automotive industry.


The German government is actively promoting the industry strategy of "smart factory" as the core to support the development and innovation of a new generation of revolutionary technology in the industrial field. Japan launched a new growth strategy in April 2009, proposed to focus on the development of environmentally friendly vehicles, electric vehicles and solar power and other industries. South Korea in the "new growth power planning and development strategy" put forward the focus on the development of energy and the environment, emerging information technology, bio-industry and other six industries, as well as solar cells, marine bio-fuels, green cars and other 22 key directions.

As early as 2010, the EU put forward the "European 2020 strategy", the three major development focus of the "smart growth" covers the "re-industrialization" of the main content, and in October 2012 released "point to growth and economic recovery Of the more powerful European industry ", more clearly set the" re-industrialization "strategy, that is, by 2020 the proportion of industry to EU GDP increased from 15.6% to 20%.


At the level of the Member States, many countries, including France, the United Kingdom and Spain, have developed corresponding "re-industrialization" strategies. For example, the UK's "Strong, Sustainable and Balanced Growth Road" report published in 2011 presented six priority development sectors, and in 2012, France set up a new production revitalization department to revive French industry, Re-industrialization assistance program "approach, funded by the government about 460 million euros to finance domestic re-industrialization projects.


From the situation in Japan, from December 2009 to October 2012 three years, the Japanese government put forward five economic revitalization measures, strengthen the competitiveness of Japanese industry is an important part of these revitalization measures. Abe took office, in the big expansion of money and finance at the same time, also concerned about the revival of manufacturing. In June 2013, the "Rejuvenation Strategy of Japan", the industry re-strategy as one of the three key strategies, and put forward the emergency structural reform, employment system reform, promote scientific and technological innovation, to achieve the world's highest level of IT society , Strengthening regional competitiveness and supporting six specific measures for small and medium-sized enterprises.

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