Nano-scale Ultra-precision CNC Machining Equipment

- Mar 14, 2019-

Nano-scale ultra-precision CNC machining equipment

   The core technology of nano-scale ultra-precision processing machine and the accumulation of ultra-precision processing expertise enable high-efficiency, high-quality processing.

Toshiba UVM-450C (V2) is a cost-effective vertical processing machine developed with the concept of high-speed, high-quality processing.

This model is equipped with a spindle of ultra-precision aerostatic bearing independently developed by our company, which can be used in high-precision machining machines for precision mold processing.

Compared with the previous processing machine, this model reduces operating costs and achieves a significant increase in processing quality.

1. Equipped with 60,000 rpm standard spindle ⇒ Shorter processing time

2. Due to the use of non-contact bearings, the spindle life is semi-permanent

In the event of spindle damage, repair costs are cheaper than those of other companies' machining centers. ⇒ Reduced maintenance costs

3. High rotation accuracy results in a significant increase in tool life.

Since continuous high-speed rotation has no time limit, it can be used for machining small-aperture parts.

4. Can significantly improve the roughness of the surface of the machined surface ⇒ Reduce the man-hours required for grinding

5. Significantly improved machining accuracy ⇒ High value-added deep processing

6. With a wide range of special accessories such as rotary tables, a variety of processing can be achieved by one machine. ⇒Implement multiple functions on one machine

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