NAK80 High Polishing Injection Mold Steel Introduction

- Jul 12, 2019-

NAK80 injection mold steel introduction

  NAK80 mold steel is a special steel with Ni, Al, Cu (German German) added to it. The name of the alloy element is NAK. NAK80 was born in 1980. It was named NAK80 from the year of birth. NAK series die steel is currently It is the best-selling product of Dongguan Shenzhen Company. The NAK series is also the number one for pre-hard 40HRC plastic mold steel in Japan.

    NAK80 plastic mold steel has good machinability, mirror surface processing and electric discharge machining performance by vulcanization. It has excellent weldability. The hardness of NAK80 at the welding part first drops, and the aging time after welding is 500 °C × 5 hours. After treatment and air cooling, the hardness and hardness of the heat affected zone are the same as the hardness of the substrate.

   NAK80 mold steel has a surface hardness of 750HV after gas soft nitriding, which can make your mold or workpiece have a long service life. Datong NAK80 plastic mold steel is made of special smelting technology, with high purity, high stability and excellent processing performance. It is not only easy to repair welding, but also has uniform hardness, good polishing performance and excellent finish. Grinding is very easy, and it is more suitable for surface biting and other excellent characteristics. In addition, Datong NAK80 belongs to pre-hardened plastic mold steel, which can achieve good polishing and erosion performance without any heat treatment. Because NAK80 mold steel contains sulfur, in general, Datong NAK80 plastic mold steel should not be directly made into EDM skin. NAK80 material is an improved material of NAK55 mold steel (mirror polishing, electric discharge machining, toughness). In addition to all the characteristics of NAK55, it also has good mirror polishing performance and exquisite and beautiful surface electrical discharge processing conditions, which can replace pear skin erosion. In the use case, NAK80 mold steel pays more attention to product transparency and mirror surface grinding.

   Since both the outer side and the inner side of the mold are subjected to a high load, the molding surface wear deformation and the wear of the molding surface are likely to occur during the repeated molding. In addition, since the NAK80 die steel is an age hardening type steel, the hardness is uniform from the surface to the center, so even though the hardness is as high as 40HRC, it is easier to cut, so that the ultimate hardness and the machinability of the pre-hardened steel reach a wonderful balance. .

   The NAK80 mold steel used by Asia Billion is easier to cut, making fine machining a reality. The molten resin material reflects the shape of the mold forming surface like a mirror. Therefore, the molding of plastic products that emphasize performance and aesthetics requires the use of high-precision and high-quality molds that are subjected to fine processing.


   NAK80 mold steel is excellent in machinability and can be subjected to fine die-cutting. The contour of the engraved surface is clear, the burrs on the edge are less, and as the steel for precision plastic molds, the NAK80 mold steel distributed by Desson Mould Steel is widely supported by users.

NAK80 mold steel is a pre-hardened steel that is easy to use. It is a pre-hardened steel that has been heat treated under the best conditions before the factory and can be directly die-cut. There is no need to worry about dimensional changes and deformations caused by heat treatment, which can greatly shorten the mold manufacturing period.

    In order to impart a bright luster to the plastic shaped article, to express the aesthetic and transparent feeling of the appearance, and to perform mirror polishing on the mold, the surface of the smooth shaped product can provide a comfortable touch and a function of not easily adhering to dust and the like. Close to the final stage of the mold making process, in the grinding process which is mostly operated by the craftsman's hand, the mold steel is required to have stable mirror finish. The high-purity NAK80 mold steel is very easy to grind and has fewer problems, so it is a plastic mold steel with many repeat customers.

   There are many cases in the trial production stage, design changes and mold modification of plastic molds, and it is necessary to use surfacing. In addition, molds that are aesthetically pleasing are subject to wear and tear during repeated forming processes, and sometimes require repair. NAK80 mold steel can be tempered after welding to obtain uniform hardness, so there is no need to worry about weld marks and uneven etch, and the mirror can be recovered after grinding.

   The texture and expression of the plastic molded product is the surface decoration processing of the mold, which not only can show the beauty and high-grade appearance of the appearance, but also has the effect of improving the feeling of touch and prolonging the life of the product, and is an indispensable element in the plastic product. NAK80 die steel with high purity and uniform structure is more suitable for the following etching methods:

■ A surface treatment method that etches a pattern on a metal using chemicals;

■ The processing of the pattern and the unevenness (the pattern on the mold is reversed);

   NAK80 plastic mold steel  is widely used in transparent plastic injection molds, optical electronic molds, electro-erosion molds requiring good surface finish, high-hardness precision molds for long-term production, mirror polishing molds, and TV filters. Light plate, cosmetic box, movable mold insert and other mold steel.

   Asia Billion is a professional custom high polish injection moulds manufacture. We clearly understand the requirements of our customers and injection molding technics.  we can help you develop A0 or A1 grade high polishing injection mold and custom injection molding products,if you have any question, please feel free to contact us!

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