Mold Hardness Defect And Preventive Measures

- Nov 10, 2016-

The mould is now widely used, in order to improve the mould manufacturing process performance, usually in the form of mold heat treatment process, the heat treatment of the common defects are: the mould quenching crack and deformation out-of-tolerance, insufficient hardness, electrical processing and cracking, grinding cracks, die early damage, etc. Visible mold hardness is one of the most common type of defect.
The lack of mould defects reasons and preventive measures have?
Basically has the following four aspects:
1, the quenching temperature is too low, is mainly due to the improper process set temperature, temperature control, furnace charging system error or improper method into the cooling groove to causes such as, should correct process temperature, maintenance check temperature control system, furnace charging, interval put evenly, reasonable scattered into the trough, accumulation or bundles into the groove cooling is prohibited.
2, quenching temperature is too high, this is the process set up the temperature or temperature control system error caused by improper, shall be temperature correction technology, photoelectric tooth shaft maintenance check temperature control system.
Injection mold
3, tempering, and this is set by the tempering temperature is too high, the temperature control system fault errors or high temperature when charging, shall be temperature correction technology, maintenance check temperature control system, not higher than the set temperature loading.
4, cooling, the reason is the precooling time is too long, incorrect cooling medium, quenching medium temperature increasing and cooling performance degradation, stir adverse or out of the tank temperature too high, measures: come, into the trough, etc; Master the quenching cooling medium characteristics; Oil temperature 60 ~ 80 ℃, the water temperature below 30 ℃, when large amount of mold quenching and cooling medium heat up, should add cooling quenching medium or switch to other cooling groove cooling; Strengthen the coolant mixing; When Ms + 50 ℃ to take out the thread milling insert.

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