Asia Billion Plastic Mold And Injection Molding FAQ

- Nov 10, 2016-

FAQ for Asia Billion

Q1) What your company do ?  

  We are a plastic injection mold making and injection molding company with global service for various industries, especially for electronic, home appliance, defense, vehicle and medical .

Q2) What's a mold ?  


   Mold is a machine for you to make your mass product or initial product, mold is the mother for the product.

Q3) Where is your company ? 

   We are a Hong Kong company with plant in Shenzhen city. Our company is very near to Shenzhen International Airport and ferry. It is convenient for you whether you come from Shenzhen airport or from Hong Kong Airport or by boat .

Q4) What's the mold life will you can do ? 

   We can make different kinds of plastic inject mold from prototype mold to mass production mold. Shot life from 1000 shots to 2 millions shots .

Q5) What the mold material for you usually used ? 

  The mold make by steel, the mold base steel usually is 1045, 1050 or P20, The core and cavity steel usually is P20, 718H, 2738, NAK80, S136, 8407. The customized steels or other special steels are available for your special requirement.

Q6) What’s the main plastic and rubber resin for you use ? 

  ABS, PP, LDPE, HDPE. POM, Pa6, Pa66, Pa46, PC, PC+ABS, PMMA, ASA, PBT, PET. PEI, TPE, TPU, TPR, SEBS, NBR. Special material is also available for us.

Q7) What’s your capacity for mold making and injection molding ?

   Mold : 35 sets per month, Injection molding: 3 millions pieces per month. Dimension Tolerance minimum : 0.02mm.

Q8) What's the mold and molding size can you do? 


   We can make mold from small size to big size, our capacity for biggest mold size is 1500x1500x1200mm. Part molding size from 0.1 g to 3.5 kg.

Q9) How many years experience do you have for mold making and injection molding ? 

   Our management team members and engineers are all more than 10 years experience for mold and molding . They are all professional enough for from design to fabricate, test and troubleshoot with smoothly English speaking

Q10) Do you have export experience for mold and injection molding ? 

   Yes, all of our molds are 100% export to allover the world.

Q11) What’s your main market ?

   North America, Europe, Brazil, Australia, Japan, South Africa and India.

Q12) Do you protect your customer’s product design patent ? 

   Yes. We will sign a Non-disclosure Agreement with customer and keep the product secretly . It is surely ok for us to avoid the risk to disclosure your new product to your competitor .

Q13) Do you inspect all your production and process ? 

    Yes, we have a very strict control system from incoming product inspection to final product delivery . 

Q14) Do you have a self-improvement system ?

   Yes. We are a young company with activity action, all our employee are like doing them. we also consider the continuous improvement as our way for living in competitive market

Q15) What’s your company working condition ?  

  2 shifts for whole 24 hours per day. 8 hours is normal and the extra 4 hours is overtime with 1.5 times salary. 6 days per week ( from Monday to Saturday ).

Q16) Do you have a environmental rule ? 

   Yes. Of course, we have recycled system for our industrial water, oil and raw material. 

Q17) Do you have bad project experience or lose any customer ?  

  We almost nothing project have bad experience and never lose any customer until now. For each project, we will have a project feasibility analysis and complex project control to make sure the project can get the expected result finally.

Q18) Do we have risk to cooperate with us ? 

   Frankly speaking, almost nothing risk for you, we are your trustful and sincere partner and supplier with professional background, Any project and any person from you can visit us to check the process and quality in any time.

Q19)  What kind of files for us to give you to get the price ?


    You need to send us the 3D drawing, 2D drawing , production , material and other requirements to get the price . If you don't have the drawing, one samples is also ok . 

Q20) What kind of 3D file and 2D file you want ?


  2D drawing normally CAD file or PDF file is ok .  3D drawing nornally need Step or x_t file or IGES file .

Q21)  How  I should to do if I don't know the production material ?

   Please don't worry for this , you can talk with our team for your production details and other specifications , our engineering team will help you to optimize and choose the material . 

Q22)  What's your Payment terms ?

   Mould:  40% as deposite when you place with the order ,   30% paid after you get the T1 samples within 7 days , 30 % balance paid when you get the final samples and approv it for production. 

Production:  50 % as deposite when you place with the order , balance paid when the production is finished and approved by the buyer side before shipment .

   It is just a mold industry normally payment term, if you want to some special payment , you can discuss with our marketing team .

Q23) How do we know what's the process which you are doing for our project , if I already give our project to you ?

  We have a weekly report for the mould manufacturing with some pictures with the target T1 mold trial time , and you or your engineer also can visit us to check the process. 

Q24)  Are your samples free ? and  How many pieces can you provide ? 

     Yes, in the first 3 times mold trial time , our samples are free and we can provide you to 5 to 20 shots sample  for you .

    If the customer need extral samples, we will try our best to help ; if the samples are approved by customer , but the buyer side want to more samples to testing or PPAP running , it need reasonable extral cost for you. 

Q25)  How many days I can get the samples when you send out them ?

   It depend on the different locations and express ways , If by air express , normally it need 3 to 7 working days . 

Q26 ) which express carrier are you working ?


      We working for USP, Fedex, DHL, TNT and SF express .

Q 27)   How many times mold trial for each project  untill the approved condition normally ?


    In our side , normally after 3 times mold trial , the mold will be ready for shipment . If the customer side have engineering change , it is need more time . 

Q28)   How many days  I can get the T1 samples when we start the project ?

      It depend on the mould size and how complex it is , for the small one , the normallt time need 4 weeks ; the bigger one need longer time .

Q29)   How many days  for our project from starting to ready for shipment ?

    It depend on the mould size and how complex it is , for the small one it neet around more 2 weeks after the  T1 samples;   for the bigger one , it need more time .

Q30)  What kind of files will you provide after the mold finished ?

    The 2D mould drawing , the 3D full mold drawing , the steel certifications, the heat treatment certification, the hor runner documents , the production dimension inspection report , the mold trial report and some others if you want .

Q31)  What kind of logistic ways can you working ?

    We can working for ocean shipment , air shipment , air express and land train delivery( only for Asia and Europe area . )

Q32 )  Do you have any after- sales service ?

  Yes, we have some guarantees for our mould and production, if in the guarantee time there have some issues, we will repair it free for you . 

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