Made In China 2025

- Mar 22, 2017-

"Made in China 2025 "


  Compared with the US Industrial Internet and the German industry 4.0, China Manufacturing 2025 more emphasis on automation, intelligent manufacturing transformation and upgrading as the starting point, while adapting to the "Internet +" development trend, and ultimately complete the integration of information technology and industrialization.


China plans to use 30 years time, through the "three-step" strategy to achieve the manufacturing power from the manufacturing power to change. Which "China made 2025" corresponds to the first decade, is the "three-step" the first step, plans to use ten years into the global manufacturing second square array. Specific targets include: the added value of the manufacturing sector ranked first in the world; the main industry product quality level reached or close to the international advanced level, the formation of a number of independent intellectual property rights of international famous brands; a number of dominant industries to achieve a breakthrough, And some strong strategic industries to master the core technology, close to the international advanced level.


For the latter two steps to lay a good foundation can be divided into eight strategic countermeasures: the implementation of digital network of intelligent manufacturing, and in two stages to promote: 2020, the extensive implementation of digital manufacturing, in the industry to focus on key industries To carry out intelligent manufacturing application demonstration; 2020, the comprehensive promotion of intelligent manufacturing. Attach great importance to the development of CNC systems, servo motors, sensors, measuring instruments and other key components and high-end CNC machine tools, industrial robots, 3D manufacturing equipment and other key equipment; improve product design capabilities; improve the manufacturing technology innovation system to promote enterprises truly become technological innovation Strengthen the quality of the product quality, strict quality supervision, the establishment of quality and integrity system; improve the quality of major equipment, consistency, stability; promote brand creation; the implementation of green manufacturing; training With the global competitiveness of the enterprise groups and competitive industries; the development of modern manufacturing services.

To "Made in China 2025" as the core implementation of the strategy of manufacturing power


China's manufacturing industry is facing a new round of global industrial revolution and the impact of technological revolution, as well as developed countries and emerging market countries, "before the block after the chase" double squeeze, must be from the implementation of "manufacturing power" national strategy to speed up technological upgrading, industrial upgrading And the global value chain upgrade, reshape the national innovation system innovation ability, reconstruction national competitive advantage.


1. Accelerate the construction of national innovation system for manufacturing


Innovation is still the first driving force of a country's manufacturing industry, for which:


First of all, around the strategic emerging industries to gather scientific and technological resources, strategic emerging industries upstream and downstream of the core, key and common technology research, through the innovation chain drive, breaking a number of key technologies, the strategic emerging industries to achieve leapfrog development.


Second, around the traditional advantages of the industrial chain to deploy innovative chain. To guide the innovation chain, enhance the traditional advantages of the industry's independent innovation capability, to promote the core technology and key technologies of traditional enterprise agglomeration advantages of resources to accelerate the development, so as to promote the transformation and upgrading of the traditional advantages of the industry.


Third, the establishment of innovative ecosystems, rapid and efficient integration of production and research resources. China's manufacturing industry in general the existence of the competent departments of their own political, production and research between the scattered fault and other issues, the urgent need to establish a manufacturing industry innovation and ecological systems, integration of resources to promote the development of the whole industry chain: First, the establishment of multi-participatory collaborative innovation alliance Research and development of integrated research and development capabilities, establish and improve the joint innovation to solve the problem of the institutional mechanisms; the second is to establish a "R & D services in the application of" manufacturing innovation ecological system, production and research co-investment market-oriented key manufacturing technology, clear advanced manufacturing technology fast and efficient business The third is to establish a shared infrastructure, accelerate the transfer of technology mechanisms to prevent human technical barriers and industry monopoly, and quickly promote the manufacturing industry scale development.


2. Will "China made 2025 strategy" to enhance the strategy to strengthen the country


"China made 2025 strategy" compiled by the Ministry of Industry and Information has been introduced, "China made 2025" as China's manufacturing industry in the next 10 years of the top plan and road map, the basic idea is to use industrial technology and information technology to change the status quo of China's manufacturing industry, So that China in 2025 among the ranks of modern industrial power, as China's power strategy.


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