LCP Plastic Material Properties And Applications

- Jul 01, 2019-

LCP plastic material properties and applications

   LCP plastic material (LIQUID CRYSTAL POLYMER) is also known as liquid crystal polymer. It is a new type of polymer material that generally exhibits liquid crystallinity in the molten state.

Material advantages:

1. High liquidity

2, good dimensional stability

3, excellent mobility

4, solvent resistance

5, high mechanical strength

6, flame retardant

LCP use.

1, quick connector, coil, switch, socket

2, pump parts, valve parts

3. Automotive fuel peripheral parts

4, electronic furnace container

Note: The material is being mechanically perpendicular to the flow direction.

Material characteristics:

  These materials have excellent heat resistance and molding processability. The polymerization method is mainly composed of melt polycondensation, and the wholly aromatic LCP is assisted by solid phase polycondensation to obtain a high molecular weight product. Non-aromatic LCP plastic materials are often prepared by one-step or two-step melt polymerization. In recent years, continuous melt polycondensation has been developed to produce high molecular weight LCP. Liquid crystal aromatic polyester is oriented in the liquid crystal state due to its macromolecular chain. It has a heterogeneous fiber structure, special properties, and high product strength, which is no less than metal and ceramic. Tensile strength and flexural modulus can be developed over a variety of thermoplastic engineering plastics over the past 10 years. Mechanical properties, dimensional stability, optical properties, electrical properties, chemical resistance, flame retardancy, and processability are good, heat resistance is good, and thermal expansion coefficient is low. The properties, processability and price of the obtained liquid crystal polyester are different depending on the monomers used. The choice of fillers and the amount of filler added also affect its performance.

 1: LCP appearance: beige (also has white opaque solid powder)

2: LCP density: 1.35-1.45g/cm3

3. LCP has self-reinforcing property: it has the characteristics of heterogeneous fiber structure, so the plastic which is not reinforced can reach or exceed the mechanical strength and modulus level of ordinary engineering plastics after tens of glass fiber reinforced. If it is reinforced with glass fiber, carbon fiber, etc., it is far more than other engineering plastics.

 4. LCP polymer also has excellent thermal stability, heat resistance and chemical resistance. For most plastics, the LCP material can be neglected and has excellent wear resistance and wear resistance.

5. LCP has good weather resistance and radiation resistance, excellent flame retardancy, and can extinguish the flame without continuing to burn. Its combustion level reaches the UL94V-0 level.

 6. LCP has excellent electrical insulation properties. Its dielectric strength is higher than that of general engineering plastics, and its arc resistance is good. In the continuous use temperature of 200-300 ° C, its electrical properties are not affected. Intermittent use temperature can reach about 316 °C.

 7. LCP has outstanding corrosion resistance. LCP products will not be corroded in the presence of 90% acid and 50% alkali. For industrial solvents, fuel oil, detergent and hot water, they will not be dissolved after contact. It also does not cause stress cracking.

 8: Classification of heat resistance of liquid crystal resin (low, medium and high heat resistance type)


a, electronic and electrical is the main market of LCP: surface electrical welding technology of electronic and electrical has high requirements on the dimensional stability and heat resistance of materials (can withstand the gas phase welding and infrared welding used in surface assembly technology);

 b, LCP: printed circuit boards, satellite electronic components, jet engine parts, automotive machinery parts, medical aspects;

 c, LCP added high filler or alloy (PSF / PBT / PA): as an integrated circuit packaging material, instead of epoxy resin as a coil skeleton packaging material; for fiber optic cable joint sheath and high-strength components; instead of ceramics for chemical use Separate the packing material in the column. Instead of plastics such as glass fiber reinforced polysulfone (a panel external to the spacecraft, a brake system for the exterior of the car).

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