Introduction To POK Plastic Materials And Application

- Jul 01, 2019-

Introduction to POK plastic materials and application

   POK is an engineering plastic developed by Hyosung Group of Korea with excellent comprehensive performance. It is a polyketone material and is a new type of green polymer material polymerized from CO, ethylene and propylene.

   It has been tested to have high impact strength and POK has excellent impact strength and elongation at sufficient tensile strength. POK has extremely high toughness and good tensile strength and flexural modulus.

POK is top-grade in chemical resistance among plastics. Its performance does not decrease in acid or alkali solutions due to its outstanding resistance.

   Outstanding fuel resistance, with little change after 3000 hours of testing, 2 times better than PA12.

High heat distortion temperature---POK has a heat distortion temperature of 200 degrees, which is superior to other materials and can be used in high temperature environments.

   POK has outstanding hydrocarbon barrier properties and good chemical resistance.

Excellent flame retardant effect - POK burns hydrogen atoms and ketone groups to form water, carbon layer covers the surface to isolate it from oxygen and heat. The flame retardant additive is 50% of nylon. (UL-VO level)

High production efficiency - high crystallinity POK helps to shorten the molding cycle.

   Formaldehyde-free environmental protection specifically replaces wear-resistant POM, and replaces POM without direct modification. Instead of toughened nylon, toughened PBT, hydrolysis resistant PPO, oil resistant nylon 12, chemical resistant PPS

   This is an engineering plastic that drives the revolution of new materials. It is beyond your imagination. The new darling of the material industry is super wearable. The material industry is super chemical resistant - resistant to medium acid (but not strong acid and alkali). Various fuels, various chemical solvents, POK is a new super tough engineering plastics in the material industry.

POK material characteristics:

1. High impact resistance

Compared with the original engineering plastic material nylon and PBT, the impact resistance is 2.3 times stronger.

2. High chemical resistance

POKETONE is the most resistant to chemicals in plastic materials. In particular, since the hydrolysis resistance is excellent, the physical property change due to moisture hardly occurs. It is 1.3 times more resistant to hydrolysis of PPO. This material is more resistant to fuel penetration than the tubing material nylon 12!

3. High wear resistance

POKETONE has an excellent wear resistance of 14 times or more (according to the resin material) compared to the existing most sturdy material polyacetal (POM). It is a semi-permanent material and requires no part replacement.

4. High barrier properties: gas barrier properties

POKETONE's gas barrier is the best among existing polymer materials.

The same level as EVOH used as food packaging materials

5. High flame retardancy

When POKETONE burns, the ketone (C=O) gas reacts with hydrogen to form water, and the ruthenium layer cuts off oxygen and heat, thus being flame retardant. Compared with nylon, it can save 50% of flame retardant content (reference V0 grade)

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