Injection Mould When The Exhaust Note

- Nov 10, 2016-

At the time of injection mould exhaust, we should pay attention to the following respects.
If with the highest injection rate, injection mold and focal spot in the products, can directly think exhaust in the mould cavity is sufficient. For most common plastic injection forming, in most cases, can use the mold parting surface or the fit clearance between natural exhaust mould parts, there is no need for another open exhaust slot, but for some high-speed, precision injection molding and injection, thermosetting plastic injection molding mold parts and parts alone fitting clearance between natural exhaust often cannot meet the requirements of exhaust, and it must be designed exhaust slot exhaust.
Injection mold
We are best when they are in the design of injection mold exhaust slot opening in the parting surface, because in the parting surface such as flash, due to a exhaust trough is easy to be out with products. In our actual production process, the exhaust slot opened at the end of the molten plastic flowing generally, if exhaust slot opens up near the insert or the most thin wall thickness, easy to parts of the fusion seam formation.
Exhaust slot location choice should also consider the location of the gate design. Shown in plastic products, and since the wall thickness of the product between different, wall thick and the top is thinner, such as use gate feed from the edges of the side, the outer surface at the top of their products will produce obvious welding scar, directly affect the appearance of plastic parts; If use point gate feed from the products at the top of the center, make the material flow is opposite the gate at the end of the parting surface, favors the exhaust, the improvement on the quality of plastic parts appearance looks. When using fixed blocks or cores with the mounting holes fit clearance during exhaust, due to the time gap between easy to fail to clean up the material overflow of congestion, so the exhaust is not reliable. At this time should be considered in the exhaust slot or regular cleaning the mold. Also should pay attention to when using the mould various parts to fit clearance to exhaust, cannot make flash products around the flash in the way products after stripping smoothly

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