Injection Mould Design With What Software Is Better

- Nov 10, 2016-

Injection mould industry is relatively commonly used software, such as: PROE/UG, etc., due to the habits of each person is different, there may be a discrepancy. At present about the injection mold design in a large part of all is the use of UG. About UG:
(1) called the UG software: Unigraphics NX, is a software product engineering solutions.
(2) the role of UG software, the process of product for the user design and manufacture provides digital modelling and validation method. Software is rich in the user guide at the same time, can facilitate the designer for mould design.
(3) the UG software features: 1. It is a fully interactive, computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing systems. 2. Powerful, can easily achieve a variety of complex entities and the construction of shape. 3. Has become a mainstream of 3 d mould industry design application.
(4) the UG software development: the development of UG, which began in 1969, it is based on C language development. UG is a grid in three dimensional space structure, using the adaptive multigrid method, to develop a flexible software tool for the numerical solution of partial differential equation.
Finally, the study about UG software: first of all, want to use this software, UG introductory knowledge. If can guarantee can operate on application software, to learn other software module is much easier. UG software, all in all, learning is a process of constant accumulation, will not happen overnight a bite to eat a fat man is not reality. Need learners to invest the necessary energy and time, with constancy of patience! Believe that as long as the heart can master this injection mold design at the core of the software.

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